Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm not a competitive Easter Egg Hunting Parent. Nope, not me.

Easter Egg Hunt: Take 1: Action:

A million-gazillion people joined us at the E.Egg Hunt at Central Park. The hunt consisted of eager sugar happy parents gathering eggs by the armful while pushing their way through the droves of toddlers. It takes a lot to make me frazzled. This made me frazzled. Out of protection for our daughter's life, we held back from the forces and didn't collect 1 egg. Not a single egg. Grrrr...

Easter Egg Hunt: Take 2: Action:

This hunt went down at a friend's house for a lovely Easter Brunch. It was delicious and fun, as expected. However, the hunt was another story. There was a little toe-head boy, around the age of 6 or 7, following me around and everytime I would point out a "toddler egg" (you know, the one's clearly lying on the ground for tots to add to their loot), he would swoop in and chuck it in his basket! Hello, Little Boy. You can look high and low as far as I'm concerned. The best part was when he looked up at me and said, "Wow! I guess I'm just too quick!" I gave him my biggest "Happy Easter, you little turkey" smile and nodded politely.

Easter Egg Hunt: Take 3: Action:

Success. Both Avy & I collected the necessary amount of eggs to satisfy our hunt craving till next year. Thanks be to all involved with this hunt for following the rules.

A few other pics from our Celebrations:


Matt and Jessie said...

You guys sure know how to party! The cupcakes you made were super cute. Avy hair is getting so long! What a cutie! I am glad that you finally had success in finding eggs. When are you making your way here? Isn't it pretty soon? I hope so!

The Mostess said...

You should have "accidentally" knocked the annoying boy down.

And then "accidentally" mentioned the annoying kid in front of his mom.


Harts said...

oh how sad about the first two hunts. I would of chucked a plastic egg at that little boys head and then looked around whistling like I didn't do it. Yes, you can see how mature and grown up I am :) Your Easter pictures are super cute and it looks like you had a great time!

Johnson Family said...

Looks like a very eventful Easter! Avy is such a little doll like always and I especially love the picture of her with her glasses on upside down! :)