Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kirby Crew, this one's for you.

When the Kirby team comes a knockin' on your door during the most possible stressful part of your day...let them in. Don't deny them the opportunity to clean your house. Why you may ask, well let me give you a couple good reasons.

1-I sat on my couch for nearly 3 hours while my house was cleaned...for free...by someone other than myself

2-Oh it's very entertaining to listen to the sales pitch and watch them work their magic

You may be thinking, "Still not worth it. I'd rather vacuum my own carpet than have to listen to a sales pitch."

You may want to re-think your opinion. This is how our afternoon went yesterday:

"Can we clean your carpet for free?"

"We don't have all day to listen and we won't buy what you're pedaling."

"No prob. Just let us clean your carpet."

"Fine. Enter."

"Let's start with this spot on your floor."

"WOW! That looks fantastic! Can you clean all these spots?"


"WOW! That looks fantastic! Can you dust with it too?"

"Yes Mam."

"WOW! The tv looks fantastic."

"The bookshelf looks fantastic! The tv armoire looks fantastic! The pictures look fantastic! The drapes look fantastic! The windowsills look great. The track from the sliding glass door is sparkling! What? It works in the kitchen too?"

"Sure does."

"Holy Moly! All that came from under and behind my fridge? Wow, this even degreased all this junk from my stove? My floor looks as good as new now!"

"And it works on window screens too."

"Let's go try! Wowsers, you're right, Kirby Man! My screens look incredible!"

"It also does wonders on mattresses. You know that dust mites grow and die in your mattress, right?"

"Let's take a look. Whoo-hoo! My mattress looks brand new! Thanks for ridding us of all our dust mites. Can you do the pillow top mattress too? Looks wonderful! How about the mattress in the back room? Fantastic! Another brand new looking mattress!"

"Now let's get to that floor in the front room. Let's start by vacuuming it. Now I'll shampoo and clean it for you."

"THANKS! Our house looks amazzzzzing! We really appreciate it!"

So let's recap...Tyler & I hung out and entertained the dudes for a couple hours, fixed up a nice little glass of ice-water, and in return we got some serious spring/summer cleaning...for free.

Now you tell me...was it worth it? HECK YES!

I'm sure the burning question now in your mind is of course..."DID YOU BUY IT???"

Of course not. We already own a Kirby :)

(which by the way was purchased on craigslist for 1/4 the price the salesman ask)

As they say in "The Office"...You do the math.


Lindsey said...

I'm cracking up. I want them to knock on my door...really bad!!

Ashley said...

Hi Hayley! Found your blog and thought I'd say hi! I would love them to show up at my house. I'd probably ask them to change a few diapers and give Max a bottle while they were here. And I'm totally with you on the David A. discussion. He's adorable, and not washed up.

Tyler said...

I know how it works...this guy cleans your entire house for "free" and when you don't but the machine...he starts asking for your friends names and addresses...sound familiar...you did it?...didn't you?...you gave up your friends addresses to some crazy Kirby...please! tell me you gave them our names and address...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler said...

buy not but...i totally ruined it...

The Mostess said...

Please send them to your kind neighbors that live down the street. And by kind neighbors, I mean us. You saw the two tons of crap that came flying out of our carpet.

Ashley is misguided about David A. I peg her as a closet Jordan Knight fan, though she may never fess up to this. We should ask Tyler. He would give her up.

Jennikunz said...

I have never in my life laughed so hard... and i am still laughing. It's official, I am now stalking your blog.