Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Concert Craze...Which Would You Choose?

American Idol
New Kids on the Block

So I told my friend, who shall remain nameless, that I went to the American Idol concert last week (which by the way was way fabulous) and she laughed...out loud...really loud at me! Can you believe that??? She said she couldn't believe they even went on tour! Wow, the nerve of you, Ms. Jacobs. Oops, just gave it away. Anyway, she is counting down the days till NKOTB come to San Jose to perform. So I seem to believe that more people would pay to see dReAmBoAt Archuletta than washed up greasers. Am I right???

Go David!!!


If NKOTB are your style, you may enjoy this:

Love the overalls, boys! Who knew there were even video cameras back then???


The Mostess said...

Throwing down the gauntlet, I see. May I direct you to my blog for a witty retort?

Mrs. Kaari Wahlberg

Heather said...

Does no one notice David is wearing a sweater vest and an old man sweater?!? while looking 2? that is a hard feat to pull off and he is ALL yours Hayley. We will alert the 12 year olds that they have some competition.

To your point NKOTB does rock the overalls, but I TOTALLY would have mixed in with my HOT pink flowered overalls (nothing says hard core like large pink daisys...) with the one strap undone and huge side ponytail - oh yeah, I was cool!! I should purchase a scrunchie in case it comes back:)

Lindsey said...

You know where I stand...or should I say stood, at the concert last week!