Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun with Friends...and Dad!

One of the greatest things about living here would have to be our fabulous friends! Tyler & Avy & I are so super blessed to have such fun and entertaining friends. This past weekend Tyler & Avy let me go party. I went up to San Fran for an overnighter with some girlfriends & had a barrel of fun.

Highlights from SF:
-Eating a deeelish dinner and tasty dessert...and some of Heather's dessert...and then some of Kaari's dessert
-Making fondue in the hotel room and scarfing that down (yes, after 3 previous desserts)
-Staying up way, way, way past my bedtime
-Being so sleep deprived the next day that my tact-filter was gone and I told my friend's husband that the shirt he was wearing was the absolute ugliest shirt I'd ever seen...sorry Jamie. Really, the tie-dye is rockin :)

Tyler and Avy had a fab time at home. They went to Avy's friend's Birthday Party and Avy got to eat all sorts of real people food. Dad said she loved it and kept hanging her tongue out of her mouth after every bite to ask for more :) Then they had a slumber party in the back yard in the tent. When I came home the next morning, she went straight for Dad. Clearly they had a great weekend together.


The Mostess said...

1. Where am I looking??

2. That pic has some strange arms in it. I KID! I KID!

3. I'm still tired.

4. Tie-dye is always wrong...tired or not. I kid again...or do I?? :)

5. I'm glad we all agreed that 5 desserts was not too many.

6. I liked the we smuggled not one, but two, food-related appliances into the hotel.

7. I'm still mad no one would go in the hot-tub with me.

Heather said...

They are deformed arms!! I totally need to learn how to photoshop since this seems to be a trend!! (heaven forbid I give up my chocolate...) So fun and I am SO glad you told Jamie his shirt is hideous -- maybe Tyler can build a fire and we can burn it!!