Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of July...Good Times.

The day started with Ty & Avy building the base for the game cornhole.

Ok. I promise to not always write novels on my posts, but I have to explain why I LOVE the 4th of July...I haven't always.

So growing up, the 4th of July was always my worst nightmare. Why, you may ask? In jr. high & high school , for cheerleading we had to march in the Idaho Falls parade. This entailed several grueling hours of 6am practices all summer, being ready to go by 5am on parade day, marching in the blistering, sweltering heat in polyester for what seemed like tens of thousands of miles, and no matter how much sunscreen I slathered on this hot white bod I would always end up scorched. Then the greatest ending to the day was the Bird family trekking up to I.F. again to watch the fireworks. Although the population of I.F. isn't extremely large, it seemed as if somehow the inhabitants of I.F. quadrupled on Independance Day. So we ran into massive crowds and traffic. Getting a family of 8 home around 11pm amidst what seems like millions of cars all heading for the same direction is the icing on the cake for a perfect day of celebration. least I have some good memories from it.

However, my eyes have been opened & my thoughts have changed about this awesome day. Now that I don't have to rush anywhere, don't have to wake up at 5am, and don't have to march to the ends of the earth in polyester...what a grand day! Wow, we are so blessed to live in America! I loved celebrating the 4th with my Tyler and Avy and our friends this year. After Tyler & Avy's woodworking project, we went to a BBQ then to the beautiful foreworks.
Good Times!

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The Mostess said...

Aha!! I knew it was only a matter of time before we sucked you in! :)