Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly of the past week.

6 Year's of marriage to this handsome devil has been awesome.
We rang in the big #6 by ditching the cute reds & spending the weekend in San Fran.
The City was all decked out for Christmas.
The Hilton at Union Square was beautiful & festive.

& once I was able to pull this guy away from Transformers,
we saw the jolly bustling of Union Square.

Steamed caramel milk from the Bucks was the perfect companion to
 cruise around with in the overcast, drizzly morning.
I guess the man behind me would rather sleep than check out my catwalk pose.
And what kind of visit to the City would it be if we didn't spot a freak or 2 cruising the streets?
...In Christmas finest, of course.
Happy Anniversary, Tat!
I tease sometimes, it's true, but you give me such good material to work with.
But all fun-poking aside, you are the man.
I don't want to make our readers feel awkward and uncomfortable,
so I'll spare them all the mushy, lovey stuff, and just say:
I couldn't ask for a greater husband for me
& a more perfect dad for my kids.
You make my world the greatest place ever!

We visited the infamous, lighted Palo Alto street.
It poured rain.
We had no umbrella or other coverage from the rain.
Avy insisted on wearing her blades.
Avy got 2 huge raw blisters on the insides of her feet.
Avy cried.
Linc refused to walk.
Linc demanded to be held.
Avy wanted all hands on her & her chaffing feet.

I was a wee-bit disappointed in the decor.
I think Christmas Lane is turning into Scrooge Street.
My street honestly has better decorations & more lights than Fulton St.
Bah-humbug all you party poopers of Fulton Street.
I have no tolerance for tradition-breakers.

On a more positive note,
This is my favorite house:

But it was at about this exact spot that all you know what broke loose,
so I didn't really get to enjoy it in it's fullness this year.
(ps- I didn't take these pics.
Someone who wasn't wiping rain from their brow
while helping a blistered child skate down the flooding lane
took them then posted them online. 
& I borrowed them. Thanks, someone.)

But these guys were cute anyway...
...at least before all dreams of the perfect visit to the lights went south.

A couple Ugly Sweater parties were graced with the presence  
of the Tatwoods' old-school swagger.
Yes, that is a pocket on my sweater.
& yes, Tat is sticking out his belly.
For some strange, odd reason, every year he feels it necessary to distend his
stomache muscles whilst wearing this sweater.

Merry Christmas!


Matt and Jessie said...

Happy Anniversary! Time flies! Love the odd Grinch weirdie guy! Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!! I love ya lots!!

MB Newson said...

Um, I'm going to have to disagree on the ugly sweater your husband is wearing. I'm pretty sure that's the most awesome sweater ever. Wish I had one. If he ever decides it's no longer magical and wants to get rid of it, please mail it to my house! :)

The Bock Family said...

Lol....MB cracks me up! You should see my husband at our Christmas party...........a sweater that lights up, red and white striped socks with fluffy white material, and antlers made out of balloons and nylons. Classic!

whitethunder said...

Little did you know that I dress up all the time in SF and you just happened to see me this time.

Ashley said...

Your boots are so cute. I have been admiring and coveting them. Your love for Tat is also cute. You guys really are a great couple and I love that he gives you a happy life! (And yes, that he provides the material that never fails to entertain and delight!) So glad you got away to celebrate with the hobos and the Grinch!

Ashley said...

Happy 6 years! Loving the festiv photos. Visting from mormon mommy blogs.