Thursday, December 2, 2010

What we do for fun.

We cruise.
Buddy says hasta la vista to crawling.
Walking has been his new game for the past couple weeks.
I could watch his little toddling body zoom around the house all day.
What a doll. A fuzzy, red-haired doll.

We play house.
Avy has a camp director bossy streak in her which I have NO IDEA where she got that from.
Linc always wants to play with her. 
She will oblige when it can be on her terms.
Exhibit A: 
Exhibit B: 

We dress up & down a million times a day & are not bashful
about our multiple personalities.
Don't believe me?
(she asked for my hot glue gun to affix her whiskars.
We settled on frosting them to her face instead)
Hula Girl with her first real piece of art.
I give you:
"Snail on Grass"
by Avycakes.
Not sure what this get-up is, but it's definitely camera-worthy:

We feast.
Feeling very homesick, I moped around all week in a daze begging my siblings to hang out with us.
Not really, but kind of.
For the first time in 10 years, I REALLY felt homesick!
I wanted to be with our big families so bad the week of Thanksgiving.
So...thoughtful Austy showed up & surprised us with a meal fit for a king.
It was great. 
The only job he made me do was put out the salad dressing. 

The Thanksgiving Miracle Man right here: 

We later had another delicious feast with friends at the Mostess' home.
Again, I had no real assignment.
Drinks, Pumpkin pie, & Jell-O.
Even though I had the easy list, I still failed miserably.
My friend Candace grabbed the pies for me at Costco.
I loaded up on tasty bevvies from Trader Joe's.
& I made Jell-O.
Which didn't even set up in time.
So drinks were about all I added to this beautiful feast.
But a big wave & thanks to everyone else for slaving away for days to feed me & my brood!

We Black Friday Shop.
At 4:30am. 

& do all sorts of weird stuff to keep entertained while waiting in lines that literally wrap

We seek out the Perfect Christmas Tree.
This is a girl on a mission.
Whit clearly didn't get enough sleep thanks to Black Friday.
Don't mess with her. 
We chop: 
I commemorated our adventure appropriately with my
Moose Wildlife Tee.
& Tat in his Lumber Jack Joe shirt (under his coat).
It's a tradition. 
A close up:
You know Tat's in his element right here, no?
Twine, tree sap, big vehicle.
What more could he need? 

We decorate.
First we un-decorate this: 
& turn it into this:
The Christmas Village:
My adorable advent that my sister-in-law MADE for me a few years ago.
I love this thing.  It's adorable.
The final Tree pic:

We eat pie.
Lots of it.
I have honestly lost count on how many pumpkin pies we've put down over here in the past month.
(+1 cherry)
But let's be honest. 
I'm not entirely sure if it's the pie or the freshly whipped cream I'm after.
I dare say the two are a more perfect combination than
cookies & milk
sonny & cher 


Matt and Jessie said...

Can't believe the little guy is walking! Love reading about all of your adventures! It is nice to know that you have survived 10 years without being homesick. I am glad you have such a nice brother to cheer ya up! I hope I can be as tough as you are, because I am already homesick and I am still here!! Love the dress up girl. She is creative! Wonder where she gets that from? Love ya!!

McDonalds said...

Oh my gosh Avy is the cutest funniest thing ever. I can't stand it. I am at work laughing out loud at her hilarious get up and your descriptions of her personality and the "artistic" dancers around me are all wondering what the big deal is...They don't (and probably won't ever have kids...they would not get it) big deal is your funny kids. HA.....Thanks for bringing the savy shopper back. I love it!

candace said...

i think avy is probably the most hilarious kid ever. i can't wait to hear what she'll say next :)

as for the pumpkin pie and whipped cream...if you ever want to feel better about yourselves, just call the ashbys and ask what we've been eating. we basically keep whipping cream on tap.

The Mostess said...

I love Avy's multiple personalities. The cat/cheer/hula combo is great. It was probably all in one day, too!

Thanksgiving with you was great and fun, and Black Friday was killer as well.

Little Linc cruising all over the place--I love it!