Monday, December 6, 2010

How the weekend went down.

Tat's work Christmas Party.
Was held at the cool Hotel Sofitel San Francisco Bay.

The food was divine.
Of course, someone else making my food AND cleaning up after me...
it cold be cold cereal & I would consider that Heaven on a platter.
I had the salmon.
Tat had the filet mignon.
Dessert was a pistachio creme brulee.
While everyone else at our table took a few bites & then sat back in their chairs,
we pretty much licked our plates clean.
I say what's etiquette when there's delicious food under your nose?!?!

For those who were as concerned as I was about what I was going to wear,
here's what I settled on:
(& does not Tyler look so handsome?)
(& that red bulb is in fact a red bulb.  on the tree.  not in my hair.)
(& I just owe a special shout-out to my amigo (or maybe amiga? I don't speak spanish) Stephanie for keeping Avy all afternoon so I could pillage & plunder the mall for the perfect dress)

Notice the ruffled detail on the front:
& the sah-weet ruffle around the back of the neck:
& this is about the most attractive picture ever taken of us 2:
So I got all gussied up, stepped out in the hallway to show off my smokin' hot dress to Tat & his response when I asked, "So what do you think?":
He said, & I quote, "You look fine."

Not as in...
D.A.N.G. girl, you be lookin' FINE tonight.  MMM...HMMM!

Fine as in,
eh, yeah, that'll work.

He claims he meant that I looked really good.
But come on ladies, back me up...
We want to hear that we be looking like we spent time on our get-up.
Here are a few adjectives to assist you gentlemen in the future.
Try something like this. 
"Wow! You look:
Even a 1 syllable word like "hot" will do.

But no worries.
He redeemed himself by having a winning raffle ticket.
He won this baby:
That's right.  An iPad.  How cool is that?
There were a couple hundred people there, about 8 iPads, a few cameras, a few digital photo frames,
& we were the lucky recepients of one.

This is a picture of a picture of us showing off our win:
Don't mind my man hand.  Not sure why I felt the need to look totally masculine here.

What a fun night.
It was great to finally meet all the people who are so lucky to be graced by Tyler's presence all day.
& to top off the awesome night, we came home to a clean house smelling of fresh cookies & no dirty dishes.
Austy, you da man.

Breakfast with Santa.

Awww...these 2 are BFF's.
It really is as sweet as it looks :)
First time Avy actually talked to Santa without getting skiddish!
She spoke in clear, coherent sentences that she wants a walking pup for Christmas.
This one right here:
Can't see walking pup getting annoying anytime soon.

Finally got all my Christmas cards ready to rock:
I love getting them & I love sending them out.
But man oh man it's such a chore.

Later on Tat & the miglets put up the lights outside.
Avy the school marm said to me on her way outside,
"Now if everyone will just work together, we'll have these lights up in no time!"
What a gem.  Such words of wisdom.

At one point Tat came inside with this jumbled mess and declared,
"Well, this is the only strand I can't get to work.
I either buy a new one or go through every bulb to fix it."
You and I both know what Clark Griswald did.

Kaari's 6th Annual Cookie Swap
Boozie Woozie.
I came home empty-handed AGAIN!
(So maybe I have a little bit of a competitive edge to me.
Don't ask my family about the time we played Family Feud for FHE when I was 8 years old.
Well, I didn't come home totally empty-handed...
I brought these tasties home with me:

& Kaari had the cutest red & green polka dot platters for everyone to take home too!
Some of the cookie critters with their platters:

This year I made Lemon Princess cookies with the help of my Strawberry Princess
(get it? b/c of the red hair?)

She was the drizzler.
It's all in the wrist.
I should have taken a hint that I wouldn't place when neither she or Buddy would eat my cookies.
In fact, when I got home from the party,
Avy was almost asleep in her bed so I ran in to tell her I had mounds of treats for her to help me eat tomorrow.
She said,
"Do they taste better than your lemon ones?"
The nerve.

But yes, clearly they do.  Hence the reason I came home
 without a fancy-pants prize.
But by golly the goodies just keep getting better & better every year!
I suggest someone with a lot of time, energy, & money make a Cookie Party Cookbook of the entries present & past. 
That would be a seller.

Thanks for a fun weekend friends & family!


The Mostess said...

Ha! Lancer once said I looked "fine" and I about kicked him in the nards. I would give $1 to hear Tat declare, "dang, girl, you be lookin' FINE!"

You looked SO hot, and that dress is adorable, even though it came from a store known for skanky prom wear. You found the one gem in the bunch!

I love that you won an iPad, and I love that you posed in front of that totally realistic GG Bridge to show it off with your man hands.

Sorry you lost...again. Tough competition, though. Lancer gave you 15/15. You actually placed 4th. Too bad 4th place gets you jack squat in the prize department. I thought they looked tasty, but Avy may have been on to something.

B had fun hanging with you tonight! I love the pics of you two!

Valerie said...

First off you looked "smashing" in your dress, I love it! And I am sorry you came home empty handed, I am sure your cookies were fab ;) i-pads are awesome, but watch out, you put a few kiddie games on there and your kids will claim it is theirs I tell ya!

Stephanie said...

What a great weekend! The dress was so cute! When Avy was over we made some cookies and she said, "we'll have these cookies made in no time!" Must be a new phrase for her! So cute.

candace said...

what a weekend! you for sure looked "SO FINE" in your dress (even when you are decorated with red christmas ornaments)!

btw, your tree looks so good. i loved the picture of it in your last post. it definitely made me realize how holiday deficient we are in the ashby household.

i'm telling you, i want to join the avy-isms fan club. love it!

Heather Teuscher said...

Love, LOVE, Love your dress!! Such a perfect color, fit and the right amount of details! And we will have to work with Tatty, good idea to start with the single syllables. I hear alot of "you look nice", we should come up with a mancard of things we really want to hear:) And I love you got an ipad!! SO fun to play on, and you wont have to prop your screen up anymore! A great ending to the year...although dont let tatty off the hook for presents:) When work would give us gifts, Jamie somehow thought it counted for him.
And those lemon cookies look awesome, so want to try one - Avy doesnt know what is good for her, but I love her quotes and I am not sure any other child can quite pull off her clothing combination like her, you have to wear it with confidence and she rocks it! This post made me tear, miss you tons and glad you had a fabulous week!

Matt and Jessie said...

Holy busy week batman! Sounds like a lot of fun! I am sure your cookies were rockin' since you are a master chef. Although you did win an ipad this week, so you gotta give someone else a chance!!

On a side note, will you be here any time during the holidays? I was going to check with Natalie too, but I would love to see you ladies before we check on outta town!

Ashley said...

This post was fine.

whitethunder said...

#1. Why do your last two posts have chest shots?
#2. Why don't you tell them how great my words were when I saw your dress?
#3. Why didn't you say what Avy really said when you asked her if she wanted a cookie and she said she liked mine better?

You leave out all this valuable information but yet find odd pictures of me to include.

#4. How does this happen?

Tennille Butler said...

I love the token "fine" remark that comes out of the mouths of men around the globe. That blue is a great color on you, and such a cute dress to boot.
P.S. I need your address

Miranda S. Murdock said...

Love the dress! You look super cute as always!

Kristine Gray said...

I think Tat and Louis are related. On our wedding day, I walked into the temple with my hair and makeup all done with a cute silk dress and Louis looked up from his conversation, nodded at me, and went back to talking.

Keep the ipad hidden. When one of the kids gets a hold of it chaos can ensue when you try to get if back.

Tammy said...

You looked lovely...he really won an iPad?? Sweet. Lindsay is pregnant? Awesome. :)