Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving.......But that's not what this post is about.

How did you sleep last night? Great? Really, you got 8 uninterrupted hours of beauty sleep? That's so nice for you.

Oh, how did I sleep, you're asking? Well you know I never pass up an opportunity to share a good story.

Here goes:

Tyler and I snuggled up on the couch and watched Kung-Fu Panda for the evening. We headed to bed at about 11:00pm.

12:15 am --- Avy wakes up crying, crying, crying (very unusual)

12:17 am --- I jump out of bed in a panic, give her a love, help her locate smelly cat in her crib, and lay her back down; she goes back to sleep

12:20 am --- I return to a nice slumber

12:45 am --- Avy cry, cry, cries again. This time I leave her to work out her problems on her own. She continues crying. And again.

1:00 am --- I get up, giver her a snuggle, change her diaper, give her some Tylenol in the event it's a budding tooth causing the stress, fill a bottle, give her the bottle, lay her back down. Do I go right back to sleep? Continue reading...

1:25 am --- lay back in bed, lay, lay sleepy. Can't do it. My brain is fully awake. I check my email, read some blogs, play on facebook.

1:50 am --- feeling a bit tired, so I head back to bed. Slowly, slowly, slowly and I'm asleep.

2:15 am --- I hear a rummage right outside my window. Ignore it and turn over.

2:16 am --- the rummaging continues and so I throw off my warm comfy comforter, jealously climb over my snoozing husband, tear open the shutters and throw up the sash, and what shall appear but a big fat oppossum digging through my recycling bins.

2:20 am --- the fatty leaves my trash and I FINALLY get back to a good sleep.

some blurred time in between dusk and dawn am --- I am awakened to the complete crashing down of my recycling bin right outside my window.

I jump out of bed, head to the sliding glass door and spy on the oversized vermin for a few good minutes. He was ruthless. Even with a spotlight in his eyes and my camera flash going off several times, he kept coming back for more. I guess I can't blame him...after all, it was the ice cream carton he was devouring.

5:26 am --- Avy wakes for the day. Fortunately, her well rested father got up to play with her while her hit-by-a-bus-sensationed mother drooled all over the bed for a good couple more hours.

So how about your night?


Lucky 7s said...

Sorry... I had to laugh at your blog. It's such a "mom" story! So does Avy wake up at 5:26 am EVERY morning?

The Mostess said...

What the??? You looked so good today. I had no idea you had battled an evil little creature/gotten no sleep!

See you @ 6 am baby!!!

Trent and Daina said...

H.B.!!! I stumbled across your blog today and this story is hilarious! So how are you guys? I haven't seen you forever!!

LJ and DC said...

oh no, that is DISGUSTING! UH, gross!!!!!

SISSY said...

Poor Haley! I am so sorry about your rotten morning. Always happens to me, guaranteed I decide to stay up late, and my kids wake me up all night long. That dumb opposum, we had one drown in our pool the other day..
Those crazy creatures! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

The Bock Family said...

Hey Hayley!! I'm not big on facebook....I only signed up to find you! But I do try to keep up with my blog.....barely. It is so much fun reading your blog and getting to hear your funny personality again!

Matt and Jessie said...

That is one fine lookin' rodent you have there! It's a good thing that happened on a day that your hubby was home so you could catch up on some z's. It is kinda crazy to see the size of that thing! Maybe you should get a dog or something!

The Atwood's said...

I'm still jealous you got that much sleep! I love the "fatty possum"! He's kind of cute. You should have caged him and kept him for a pet. No need for a dog after that!

McDonalds said...

Oh friend, I am glad you found me. I will be checking in on you periodically though I cannot promise much more than a voyeristic relationship as I am pretty busy with my roles as a full time faculty member at ASU, a full time graduate student, a full time mom and a partially part time every once and a while wife and/or partner. Ha. You have a cute little family and I am terribly jealous that you live in the Bay Are. This is one of my dream locations to live along with almost anywhere in Italy. At any rate I just want out of Phoenix, but this will not happen for at least five years. Well I am out. Have a happy holidays!!