Monday, September 15, 2008

My Guilty Pleasures...

Have definitely changed.

Many moons ago they included, but were not limited to, activities such as:

*Late nights of dancing with my club-going-girlfriends

*Multiple IN-N-OUT hamburgers in one sitting (and of course a shake on the side)

*Reading a book cover to cover at a pace I determine and stick to

*Shopping, shopping, and then shopping some more and not even batting an eyelash

Since this little busy-body tart decided to put away her bags, park her car, and say goodnight at about 5:45 pm,
And the hottie in the yellow shirt (obviously we need some more pics of Tatty McDreamy) needed to put in some serious elbow grease at the office tonight,

And this hombre, aka our live-in manny & Uncle Austy, was nowhere to be found,

This lady (again, clearly Avy gets most of the camera time around here) decided to give in to her new-found guilty pleasures

Which include, but are not limited to activities such as:

*plunging the toilet without all senses on heightened alert in the event that a little curious george comes traipsing into the bathroom to join the fun

*washing dishes, uninterrupted, and finishing the originals before there were more to be washed

*folding 2 loads of laundry in complete and utter Ice-Road Truckers or Little People Big World in the background...and finishing the folding without making any fell swoop attempts to save my perfectly organized piles before curious george comes tromping on over to shake things up a bit

Yes, I love the noise and chaos that comes along with lots of people to love...and also sometimes it's nice to give in to my guilty little pleasures.'s been a gluttonous night.


Matt and Jessie said...

SERIOUSLY! I was just thinking what a pleasure it was to mow the lawn the other day while Matt was watching the boys. Then I thought to myself, am I crazy? Oh how my ideas of fun have changed! I love reading your blog. You need to write a book or something! You are very entertaining!

The Atwood's said...

We all have to give in to those guilty pleasures sometime. Better late than never. That's funny because I just cleaned our bathroom today and they haven't been cleaned for...well.. I really don't know how long. The sad thing is, I only got one bathroom cleaned out of three. Stick with your apartment, STICK WITH IT!! :) Less bathrooms to clean that's for sure. I would love to see Molli and Avy together these days. Actually, I don't think you would ever hang out with us again. She would pulverize her!! Oh, and I just couldn't figure out how to get pictures of all the flutterbuts because they won't hold still. I'll try though :) Just for you.

Lindsay said...

Will you please shoot me when one of my guilty pleasures is plunging a toilet?!?

The Atwoods said...

lindsay, your comment has been noted.

yeah it wasn't so much the joy of plunging, it was more the appreciation i had for not wrestling a child with one arm and a clogged toilet with the other. trust me, i can easily think of about a gazillion other things that would have been even more enjoyable on my night of freedom.

derrickandlisadye said...

It is sad to think about all the things you would love to do if you just had a little time to yourself. How times have changed! I do have to agree with Jessie that you need to write a book. I'd buy it!! I love reading your blog because it is never boring!!

Jennikunz said...

Dude.. Matt and Amy Roloff are awesome!