Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's a Happy Birthday Party for Avykins!!!

The Birthday Brigade
Avy & her good buddy Connor had a Birthday Party together this weekend and it was so much fun! We had lots of friends come, a pinata, a jump house, face painting a' la Heather, lots of yummy food, and all night cake-making the night before! It was definitely a party. Happy Birthday, Babies!!!

And a special shout-out to our dear friends, Pat & Lindsay for sharing their beautiful backyard for the big event. Thanks, guys!

Below are just a "few" of my fave pics from the party. For more party greatness in all it's glory, check out the party pics at under the heading "Avy's 1st Birthday Party!"...obviously.
(let me know if you don't know the password and I'll email it to you)


Maddie giving Avy a B-day kiss

The proud B-day Papas

It's usually the kids I catch eating only the frosting off the cupcakes...however, since Kaari goes gluten-free, we'll let it slide this one time :)

Avy has this fettish for kitty cats. She sleeps with / attacks nasty-smelly cat every night before, during, and after sleep. Its original color is white, but with all the chewing, dragging around the house, sucking, and feeding she does to the cat, it's now a lovely shade of gray-brown. We wash Kitty every other day. Her other kitty cat love is her pink kitty purse, compliments of Aunt Jodi, and she carries that thing with her everywhere as well. The face on the purse was my inspiration for the cake. It turned out looking surprisingly similar.

She didn't want to dig in, but was happy to give Kitty Cake a kiss.

Birthday girl checking out the pinata.

Heather doing her thang.

Avy post Heather visit.

Birthday boy taking a smack to not-so-curious-but-oh-so-helpless George.

Avy & Mom rockin out in the jumpy.

Dad teaching Avy the finer points of cornhole champion-ism.


Ashley said...

You really are an amazing party-thrower. We had a great time and Charlie loved the bounce house. I have seen Avy with her purse at church and it's hilarious. Happy Birthday Avy!

The Mostess said...

I may have done a dive for the cupcake...but Avycakes upped the ante by digging into her cake face-first. Showoff! :0

Alie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVY!!! Such a great party- can't wait until next year :)

The Atwood's said...

I can not believe how much you did for her birthday!! That is insane. I'm sure she'll appreciate it when she sees pictures later in life! :) First kids, they're the best. Molli didn't have anyone over for her b-day. It's so funny how things change.

Candace Taylor said...

Hayley!!! I am not sure how you found me, but am so glad that you did! Crazy too, because I had just been thinking of you. I saw a picture of your sister Sally on Jamie's blog from their High School Reunion and I thought "I wonder what happened to Hayley??" Now I know you are married and have a cute baby girl! That is great!! It will be fun to stay in touch through our blogs!!

Jennikunz said...

ohhh Happy b-day AVY!! (better late then never right?)
p.s. the moolah did find me happy and well, and your UPS should be at your house tomorrow...! HOORAH!