Friday, September 5, 2008

Go Green. Or Amish...They're practically the same thing.

As I've been contemplating the carbon footprint I'm leaving behind (ok, not actually too concerned about the footprint thing, but as I shell out triple the nation's deficit every week in gas...what, you don't believe me? Figure out this equation and multiply it by 3. Compare that product to my Discover card bill and you'll see a stark resemblance: Therefore, if Gt is government spending and Tt is tax revenue, then
Primary deficit = Gt − Tt
If Dt − 1 is last year's debt, and r is the interest rate, then
Total deficit = Gt + rDt − 1 − Tt
Finally, this year's debt can be calculated from last year's debt and this year's total deficit:
Dt = (1 + r)Dt − 1 + Gt − Tt, back to my previous thought) I've started to think about what I could do to be a bit more loving to Mother Earth...and a bit more loving to Tat's pocket book.
So all of my ideas for being more frugal/granola-y lead to the Amish lifestyle. (I know I've made reference to the Amish is previous posts...I promise I'm not oddly obsessed...just totally fascinated...okay partially obsessed. But who isn't?)

1- Use less gasoline...HELLO! Ever heard of a horse and buggy? They don't even use gasoline! (Actually, news flash, they do! Practically all the Amish we saw when we were in Ohio were weed-whacking their yards. Must be the new trend.) But besides the lawn care accesories, no gas needed to be Amish.

2- Emit less exhaust...Again, HELLO! No pollutant fumes from a horse and carriage.

3- Buy more local produce & grow more of my own veggies...Ever driven through an Amish village? Besides weed-whacking, they garden all day. They definitely have the buy & sell locally thing down.

4- Turn off unnecessary power...Don't quote me on this, but I have to imagine the Amish subscribe to the ol' dinner & family story time via candlelight bit.

5-Use my washer & dryer less; hang-dry more clothes...Again, ever driven through Amish country? There's a line for the black britches, a line for the simple colored dresses, and a line for the whites; which of course is consumed of aprons and white shirts.

6- Clean my recyclable materials out before I throw them in the bins. I used to think the idea of cleaning trash before throwing it out was absurd, but in my efforts to be one with the land, I've realized it's not trash! My nasty yogurt carton and crusty plastic baby food jars are perfectly good energy sources. Is your television on right now? Yes, you say? You can thank me later. The Amish totally recycle. Again, when we went back East, I saw little youngin's playing with a ball that must have been assembled circa early 1900's; now you tell me that's not recycling. Not to mention, they use all their old curtains & dresses to make littler curtains and dresses.

Just points to ponder.


Beckie said...

You crack me up - I don't know what else to say except that you crack me up. And Tat is lucky to have you - I'm sure the post would bring tears to his eyes just picturing all of the saved $$$! Keep it up - you'll have us all "converted" soon! Also, send me a picture when you make your and Avy's curtain dresses and bonnets! :)

The Atwood's said...

There's actually a book called, "Going Green" that I have on my Goodreads list to-read shelf. I agree with you whole heartedly. I'm an avid light detective and am all about the Amish lifestyle. Just promise me you won't stop using deoderant. I've run into a couple of amish people that were against that - not pretty. :)

derrickandlisadye said...

Oh Hayley, you crack me up but in all seriousness I totally agree with you. It is good to know you think this way. Why can't we all be more self sufficient. Take things back to how they used to be. More simple! More frugal. I am going to visit Brittany the first of next month. She lives in Ohio and not too far from the Amish. That is one place I want to drive through. They inspire me. by the way is that a true equation? If not you could of fooled me. I'm totally impressed by you, you little smartie!!

Jenni said...

I've been wanting to go back to the horse and buggy thing for years, but nobody seems to agree with me. Jared rides his bike to work now, so that's our way of reducing our carbon footprint. I probably should, too, but I don't.

whitethunder said...

Some person out there has to disagree so I respectfully do so. Are you trying to kick me out of the house or what? It is odd enough being in the same house as the worms with fake light, I cannot imagine life with worms by candle. Please do not let Ty turn off the hot water for showering, these things were invented to make us happier and well after being in 3rd world countries for the last 12 days, I am excited to come back to REAL LIFE! Still love you and here is a quote for you....

I am moving out least I can walk around the house in my underwear again.....

Is that how you feel?