Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Baby

I've been pretty good this year:
Besides the time I backed the new car into a pole.
Or the time I didn't buy popcorn from my friend's kid for his scout troop.

Or the 9 months my family ate cold cereal for breakfast, lunch, & dinner.

Or the time I gave the guy at the dollar store attitude because he accused me of cutting in front of him in line.
Or the time I told the solicitor I would respond to his email about buying his fresh produce, & then I just erased it.
Or the time I failed to plan, so I ran out of diapers for Ashby
(oh wait, that's today. yes, she's been wearing linc's diapers for a day now)
Or the many times I've been too lazy to separate trash from recyclables, so I just threw my plastic or glass cartons in the...GASP...GARBAGE CAN!

Or the time I laughed at my mom because she told Whitney she needed to wear a dickie.

Or the day Tat had Avy's booster seat & the extra car seat in his car, & I had to run errands, so I just let her ride in the car with a regular old seatbelt.

However, I did birth another little elfkin this year.
That's gotta count for something, right?

So, this is top priority on my wish list:
An "A" would be appropriate.
You can get it HERE.
Make sure to choose the "A" from the 3rd photo down.
& feel free to throw in a 24in chain that can be found HERE.

Mucho Thanks.


Matt and Jessie said...

Hey, we are on the all cereal plan and everyone is alive! Plus I get a lot less complaints about dinner so it is a win, win!

I am waiting for Whit to bring the Dickie back into style! She could do it!

You are a super mommy and deserve a very Merry Christmas! I hope Santa finds you all healthy and happy this year!

Kristine Gray said...

You totally deserve what's on your list. I didn't even birth a baby this year and still give my kids cereal for dinner.

Dickies rock!