Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Choo-choo...Linc is 2!

I realize I'm blogging about Linc's birthday party almost a month late.
A month late is actually impressive. 
Life with 3 tikes is busy.

Party was a success.
Our Scott cousins were here from Utah and Uncle Jakey came all the way from Germany,
 just to celebrate
(well, maybe he was here for some dental stuff, but we'll pretend he just loves us that much).

The beautiful Atwood sibs:
Jake, Tyler, Jodi

Jennie & Georgia posing for a pre-party pic:

We went with the train theme for the big 2.
Chickety-check it:

The food:

Ty-Ty the hot dog guy:

Dane & Avy on candy patrol

The fun:

the reds have LOVED this train creation!
they are still playing with it a month later.
boxes & paint = cheap & fun

Of course corntoss was going on over on the other side of the tracks:

 The signage: 

The pinata:
Let me just say that making it out of boxes is the way to go.
If you'll remember correctly, I made Avy's pinata 
old school out of paper mache & the like.
This here train is a giant frosted mini wheats box, a multi-grain cheerios box, and an oatmeal canister.
There is nothing a little crepe paper & my hot glue gun can't accomplish.

  The only downside of the box pinata is that it took a million years for the toddlers to break it open.

Fortunately we had cuzzy Dru there to tackle the beast: 

The cake:
Rice Krispie treats.
So easy to work with & what kid doesn't 
love a good ol fashioned RK treat? 

I know I already mentioned this, but this kid is so
stinkin lincoln cute & was so hilarious as he said,
 "OOOOOO!" for every gift he opened.

Of course Auntie Whit-Whit came for the shindig. 
A gathering doesn't become a party until she arrives.

Austy chose Central America over us.
I think he fled because he knew I'd try to pull one of these on him:
Wouldn't he make a lovely Sir Topham Hatt?

The party was toot-toot-riffic.
Thanks to all who came to celebrate from near & far!


Ashley said...

Oh man, I would have LOVED to see Austin as the good Sir Hat! You had an amazing trio going on with that box train, pinata, and cake. Each one of them would have been the PDR of any party on its own. Put them all together and it was simply intimidating.

Matt and Jessie said...

Very fun! You know how to party! Happy Birthday Linc!