Sunday, September 12, 2010


Give me a few good hours of it & then I'll post everything you ever wanted to know about the tantalizing likes of topics such as:

First Day of Preschool
-did she puke?  pass out?  wave goodbye without a care?

My Birthday
-how old am I?  how did I celebrate?  was there a gift involved?

The long-awaited Pirate Party
-what did we eat?  what was the entertainment?  was Avy pleased?  do I have the coolest siblings EVER?

My Stolen iPod
-who dun it?  no...really, show yourself.  seriously.  who took my iPod?

-what were the highlights?  did I get a massage?  did Tat accidentally order an alcoholic bevvie this time?

Mostly for the Grandparents
-what are the latest & greatest tricks of the tatwood babies? does buddy refuse to sit in a shopping cart anymore?  does Avy patrol the preschool playground looking for toddler hotties?

My Spray Tan
-did I look hot?  did I freak out in the booth & stick my face in front of the sprayer?  did my culturally-aware daughter Avy tell me, "Mom, it's okay when people have different colors of skin"???

I must stink
-why do my friends keep moving? 

Tatty's Hospital Visit
-it may or may not have been until 4am the night before, er, morning of, the Pirate Party?  why was he there?  was his wife sympathetic? 

Trust me'll be wanting to tune back in pretty soon.
But until then,
I'm going to sleep.



Heather Teuscher said...

I am dying to know and will be waiting by the computer anxiously:) Get a goodnight sleep, you deserve one after that par-tay you threw!! Hopefully the little ones cooperate and you are in dreamland for many hours!

Valerie said...

ha ha ha, yes I am also dying to know all the nitty gritty ;)

The Mostess said...

I know some of the nitty gritty--but other parts of the puzzle are missing entirely. I need updates.

I'm also starting to wonder if I stink, since our friends are ditching us at a higher rate than usual.

Funny about your iPod. Mine went missing after a party, too. Lance was always convinced it was an inside job, but I was skeptical. Now I'm not so sure. I think all of our friends moved away, and the ones that stayed are thieves! I want to hear if yours ever turns up--mine did not.

Ashley said...

Weird . . . I keep *finding* ipods after all the parties I attend! Not really. But those are all tantalizing topics! I need to live vicariously through Hawaii and I am always nosy and want to know what bday gifts people got. Take a nap and then get blogging!

McDonalds said...

I am a big supporter of sleep. I can't wait! Oh, and you are not a kids have both eaten poop. It is totally gross and I get werirded out when they do it and I am a fairly attentive/aware mom, though I may not have your skills. I personally believe it is a rite of passage. Every kid goes through it.
Take care

candace said...

what a tease of a post! let's get the details!!

Smiths said...

I really hope you print out your blogs and put them in books! You are a blogger that everyone should follow! You always make me laugh! :) And yes I along with all the others will be waiting for the next post.