Monday, November 9, 2009

A weekend fit for a king...

I love to indulge every now & then.  So I do.

Some friends & I got this wild hair to sneak away one more night before the little fella arrives.

Another overnighter, or shall I say, stay up all hours of the nighter up in beautiful San Francisco.

(clearly I didn't take this pic)

There's always SOME spice to the night.
2008- Sarah puked all night
 July 2009- well, may I refer you to THIS POST
This trip- We got off the elevator & smelled a STRONG aroma of skunk.
We were at the Westin Market Street, so there should be no rodents cruising the halls.
At the same time, the 2 unsheltered frineds say, "SKUNK WEED!"
The 2 sheltered friends look at each other, me being one of them, & say, "What's that?"
Anywho, come to find out, the whole floor wreaks of crap thanks to some serious partyers smoking some potent stuff. 

In true Heather fashion, the front desk is immediately notified of the situation & we are immediately granted a room change several floors away & can begin the night of excitement.

Kaari & Lindsay did however stick around the Skunk Weed room to spy on the security guard & make sure he did his job.  I have no pics of that, but they tried to take one out of the peep-hole.
Assuming they post about it, you can read about it here:
If they don't post about it, they have fun blogs nonetheless.

Unfortunately my battery died & this is all I got pictures of.

Here's a lovely view from our window:

Here's a shot of some of the the good eats:

Here's a pic of the party animals:

Here's the DIVINE brunch stop before we headed home the next afternoon:

Thanks for the fun, Ladies...can't wait for a repeat!
& thanks to my family who love when I leave them to party on their own.
Seriously, at my current stage, I think they prefer me gone.

My friend Melanie organized a Dutch Oven Cookout
& we were the hosts.
NOTHING treats a full-cooked pregnant lady right like DELICIOUS FOOD!!!

fully-cooked one with Kristen & Baby Kale

some of the crowd partaking of serious goodness

the ladies keeping warm while the cavemen stoked the coals outside

kaari---the ever-entertainer

the mad-dash as soon as Amen was said

no food for the tots...just running from "the ghost" all night

story time with old st. tat

the dutch-ovened mac & cheese & the rice krispie treats were all Avy needed for happiness.
Good picks ashby's & teuschers!

Funny side-note about the Rice Krispie treats:
As I went to lay Avy down for bed, I was shaking her blankets out and found not 1, but 2 Rice Krispie treats stowed away in the blankets for some midnight snacking.
That little sneak.

Thanks for the exquisite meal everbody & for organizing it, Sagers!
Let's do it again...


Kristine Gray said...

Just think, if you had gone into labor at the hotel you could of named the little guy Westin.

Oh, and I'm certainly not sheltered but I didn't know the term "skunk weed" either.

The Mostess said...

Boo!! You got to it first. I hate when that happens-hahaha!

HT was on that phone ASAP.

Always a good time! Love SF and you lovely ladies!

Matt and Jessie said...

I can't believe you are up to such partying! You are much tougher than I!! I hope you are all ready for that cute baby boy to get here!! I am excited to hear the word.

Ashley said...

You are amazing to be so footloose and fancy free at 9 months pregnant! You girls and your Westin antics never fail to entertain and delight. They are going to blacklist you guys soon--at least Heather and probably Kaari if they are smart! ;)

Hi Kaari! Uh, I didn't think you'd be back here . . . this is awkward . . .

The Mostess said...

I SAW THAT, CARTER!!!!!! Now I'm totally trading in your Nordies giftcard for Designer Imposters perfume!!!

Ashley said...

Sweet. I liked Calvin Klein's Eternity so I'll bet I'll love D.I.'s Endless.

Sorry Hayley.