Monday, November 2, 2009 it finally over?

Here were my goals for October.
Overall, the 10th month was a success.

Get a little crafty. 
Which I did.

For months Tyler & I planned to be Jon & Kate Gosselin.
 Which we were.

We had hoped to find Uncle Austy a Halloween date. 
Which we did.

I waited all year long to hit-up Half Moon Bay. 
Which I did.

I anticipated eating LOTS & LOTS of Halloween candy. 
Which I did & am currently doing.

I looked forward to attending all sorts of Halloween parties.
 Which I did.
The first party was the Jacobs "Nightmare on Goldenstate Street."
You had to dress up as your worst nightmare.
Ours was Jon & Kate...& apparently we're not the only ones who are scared of the Gosselins.
2 Jon & Kate's...that's a very SPOOKY thought.

Although my friend Kaari seems like a sweet loveable gal...
she's pretty morbid.
The torso cake & freaky man are from her party.

The next party we went to was a "Hollywood Hauntings" party.
This party required costumes of Hollywood stars.
Fortunately our J&K costumes worked here as well...
I wasn't about to get creative twice.
Here's a photo from the party's photographer.

Avy's Kiddie Parties with the boyfriends

Trek up to San Fran to meet a friend for lunch before baby arrives.
 Which I did.

Celebrate Uncle Austy's Birthday. 
Which we did.

I planned to get Baby Linc's blankets & quilt made & Avy's Thanksgiving & Christmas pillowcases made before the end of October.
 Which I didn't. 
I did, however, get the fabrics bought & cut...
I just need a strong man to stay home long enough to lift my sewing machine onto the table for me now (hint-hint).

I was set on putting my decorations up on October 1st.
 Which I did.

I was set on reading MILLIONS of Halloween books with Avy.
 Which I did...over&over&over&over.

I was determined to make lots of Halloween goodies.
Which I did.

I eagerly awaited Trick-or-Treating with Avy, Tat & friends. 
Which we did.

I am now ready to nestle down for a long winter's nap.

Oh wait...
1 more week & I'll be expelling a human from my body. 
Guess my nap can wait till next year.

Happy Fall!


Ashley said...

Oh man. I was already exhausted from my own halloween and after reading what you did I want to lay down and die. Avy was the cutest little poodle ever!

The Mostess said...

Awww...such sweet words. Don't let the fun exterior fool you...I'm a dark weirdo @ heart. ;)

Love the craftiness! Love the pillowcases! Love the costumes! Love it all.

Thank goodness for November! Let's all nap. Except for you--haha.

McDonalds said...

Looks like a fun October. I am jealous that you have friends who throw so many fun parties. I want to pary, but I don't want to work or host the thing. My loss. Good luck accomplishing all you want in the next month. Good luck with the comming attraction. I hope all goes well. I am still jealous that you live so close to San Fran...someday maybe I will be so lucky.

Valerie said...

your Halloween activities looked awesome! I loved your costumes too, one of our friends came dressed as Jon and Kate plus 8 too ha ha ha. Good luck on having your little one in a week and I can't wait to see p[pictures. Love ya sassofrat!

Matt and Jessie said...

Wow, that is one action packed October! Glad you all survived! Hope that everything goes well with the baby! I am super excited for you guys!!

Candace Taylor said...

I thought of your little red head this year when I saw our strawberry costume in the costume box. She would definitely make a cute one. One week left!? That is great. Can't wait to see pictures of the little guy. (I am also amazed by all the fun parties that you guys attend/host. They all look so fun)