Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do's & Do Not's of Pregnancy

I've tried to refrain from too many annoying pregnancy posts, but I feel this list will aide someone out there in blog land.
Feel free to add or subtract to your liking.
Do drink In-N-Out milkshakes in excess.
Do NOT drink McDonald's McFlurries in excess.
Do use a cart while shopping at Ikea.
Do NOT try to be a tough lady & haul a rolled 5'x7' hefty rug through the ENTIRE store over the right shoulder of your 7.5 month pregnant body.
Speaking of Ikea:
Do run errands secretively without your husband knowing.
Do NOT give him any idea that you are nesting.
When he sees multiple charges (& returns) for Ikea & Target on this month's Discover bill...
he will find out.
Forgiveness is easier than permission.

Do nap while your other child (children) are sleeping.
Do NOT try to be overly productive & make a million fairy princess wands & knight swords in the precious 2 hours that are yours & only yours.
Do eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch in excess.

Do NOT eat Froot Loops in excess.

Do munch on pretzels in excess.

Do NOT munch on hand-fulls of Jelly Bellies in excess (ralph).


Matt and Jessie said...

Love it! Your mom said you guys moved. That is exciting! Glad you guys will have plenty of room for everyone. I am getting so excited for this baby of yours to get here. Avy is going to be such a great big sis!

The Mostess said...

UM....DO wear Zac Efron socks!! I'm offended this was left off the list.

PS--we want pics!

Valerie said...

I agree with everything. And I had to laugh at the nesting...I am a crazy pregnant nesting woman. I got as insane as painting the baseboards last time with Briggs. Nuts I tell ya! How are you feeling is the little one? I forgot, are you having a boy or girl?

Lara said...

I completely agree with your IKEA and Target shopping. Absolute necessities of pregnancy!

I like your blog...and I adore your header! I have a thing for adorable feet.

joey72 said...

Hey Hay!
Just love reading your blog when I need a little laugh (or big one). Just had to give a shout out for the Cinnamon Toast Cruch! Pregnancy is impossible without it! Thanks for the uplift! You're the best!