Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm fully convinced toddler-hood is the happiest time of life.

I'm not being a jokester.
I'm not incorrectly announcing that my child is perfectly well-behaved.
I'm not trying to win Mormon Mom Blogger of the Year.
I'm just publicly shouting out to Little Red how much I love her & how much fun I have with her.
That's all.
Nothing More. Nothing Less.

(it appears we're ready for our first haircut, maybe?)

And why wouldn't toddler-hood be the happiest time?
1- She likely wet her undies in the puddle & nobody even knew.
2- Her days are filled with pure fun. No boredom. No stress.
ie- kite flying, park playing, carousel riding, ice-cream cones...
3- She pretty much has her dad tricked into doing ANYTHING she asks.
ie- "go for walk, dad?" ok
"go in backyard, dad?" ok
"daddy come find me!" ok
"daddy come eat!" ok
"daddy be nice!" ok
(not that Tat's a ferocious beast, she just yelled that at him in the car the other day for no apparent reason)
4- the only down-side to her day is when we apply sunscreen on her face
5- when she wants to have a freak-out moment, she can throw herself on the floor & cry. nobody bats an eyelash. i tried that once & tat & manny/uncle austy thought i needed to be admitted somewhere fast.
6- while running errands today she told me, "poo-poo mom! need diapey on!"
meaning she knew she had undies on, she didn't want to use a public toilet, & she would rather poo in her comfy soft diaper.
nobody gives me a choice.
7- & last but definitely not least,
she gets to drink whole milk.

Why do kids get all of life's goodies?


The Mostess said...

Youth is wasted on the young. By the time you stop wanting to be older you're old enough to know how awesome you had it. Sigh.

I want my days filled with parks, carousels, and ice-cream. Oh, wait. It has been. I'm going to miss summer. But I'm looking forward to Halloween!

Yeah...remember that mullet I swore Avy didn't have? She may have it after all. Time for that creepy haircutting place in Palo Alto!


Atwoods said...

yeah, as you well know my anticipation for halloween is uncontainable! not b/c i get to steal all of a's loot, but b/c i get caramel apples unlimited!

as for the hair...when it's wet & straight & straggly, for sure it's the old-school billy ray cut, but when it's curly & bouncy it's so cute! kind of mushrooms around her cute little face like mine circa last summer...oh wait, that was NOT an attractive do.

Matt and Jessie said...

What a cutie! Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun these days. I agree with your title statement. Isaac loves life. He just wanders happily around our house.

The Mostess said...

HAHAHA. True, that was bad hair. But not as bad as *somebody's* butt in bad jeans. Just sayin.

Lindsey said...

don't you touch that hair with sciSSors! well at least be VERY careful about how you cut...please don't cut bangs! ;)

Smith Family said...

Cutie pics! Her hair is adorable. Don't cut it!

whitethunder said...

If you would have let me take her to the barber with me we both could have got our hair done for $4. You are not going to find a deal like that around your parts of town. It is growing fast...after all that time of being the same it is finally growing! Hip Hip Hooray

Jennikunz said...

Toddler-hood. I think you should coin that phrase.

Lucky 7s said...

She IS the cutest little redhead I've ever seen!! Toddler-hood... priceless!

Carlie said...

Loved this Hay! She is beautiful! I haven't seen her since she waas a baby. I stumbled on your blog from Tara's...hope you don't mind! Love ya!

natabird said...

Seriously... I could live like that. You are such cute mom. Your posts are always so cute and clever.