Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Remember when...

...your birthday was like the MOST EXCITING THING EVER
& you celebrated for weeks & weeks?
Ms. Red has full understanding of this concept.
In fact, I caught her singing the Happy Birthday ditty to herself twice yesterday.
(for the record...I am having serious issues with the settings on my computer, thus leaving me no way of moving my pics around, & not allowing me to de-underline my text. Deepest apologies for the out of order pics on this post, but at least you can catch a lil glimpse of the b-day fun)

CK swiping a kiss from the B-day Princess
(can't blame him, she's pretty hot)

A & Tat in the bouncey house...a crowd FAVORITE.
Party-goers, expect one of these babies every year.
It makes my job as the entertainer very simple.

The after-party girl.
It was a HOT day with lots of sun in the backyard.

Trying on one of her new gifts after the party.
LOVED the princess dress (thank you, Maddie) & did quite the modeling session in it after the crowds dispersed.

As every true party girl knows,
the guest of honor must change clothes multiple times during the soiree. Special shout-out to young friend Reese for this skirt/legging combo. She LOVES it!

The royal, exhausted, sweaty, largely pregnant family.

The party cake - made with love & elegance by Great Grandma Griffin.

The party favors...
wands for girls, swords for boys.

The pinata-
such a strange tradition.

Lovely guests, J & K, at the crown-making station.

Clearly CK can't keep his hands off Ms. A.
Tat, you may need to have a discussion with the young fella.

Avy was such a helper when it came to making the swords the week before the party.
Glitter is her middle name.

In addition, she loved scattering the jewels for the favors all throughout the house. They are still appearing in unwanted hiding spots.

Birthday present opening on the morning of her actual B-day.

Crown cake scarfing on the night of her B-day.

Hats & blowers: the cheaper entertainment.

The foodie spread.

The bevvie spread.

The crown-making table.

The other crafty stations.

The princess coloring station.
And that's a wrap folks.

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Matt and Jessie said...

You really know how to throw a party! I love all the different outfits! Gotta love little girls!! I hope you are doing well. I need to give you a call sometime. Are you all ready for your little boy to come? I hope you are feeling well and that everything is going great! Talk to you soon! xoxo

The Mostess said...

Great party!! Totally yummy food, love the different spreads and stations all around!

Do not love that picture of me with J-Bird.

We stole both a sword and wand--we didn't know. Forgive us.

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Little Red! You grow more adorable every day.