Saturday, July 11, 2009

Regardless of the mystery casserole & the piles of laundry...

I am my mother.

I didn't think this day would come until at least my 3rd or 4th child, but it's official,
I'm the Great Lady who gave me life.

As Avy & I walked to our car today at the airport, we saw swarms of soldiers outside saying good-bye to loved ones & taking roll call.

Avy asked, "What's that jammies?"
(obviously she thought the uniforms looked like awesome pj's)

I responded that they were soldiers.

And then the Mother Bird moment happened.

As I tried to explain to her who soldiers are and what they do, I started to cry.
She looked at me funny and asked again..."Soldiers?"
I started to tell her again that soldiers defend their country & keep us safe, but I couldn't control the water works! What's the deal?

The whole way home I was wiping tears as I thought about the beautiful country I live in & the self-less people who secure that for me.

Thanks, Mom, for instilling patriotism & loose tear ducts in me.


The Bock Family said...

Totally funny. I miss your mom!!

Matt and Jessie said...

I love that there are so many people that are patriotic! I always shed a tear or two for the men in uniform.

Johnson Family said...

Okay yup I'm a sissy. I'm completely tearing up right now reading this post. Today I say goodbye to my brother who is headed off to boot camp. He will be dressed in head to toe uniform and I just can't belive that he is now a "Soilder". Thanks for your sentimental post.

Atwoods said...

good for your brother, chelsea! that's awesome. it was seriously such an overwhelming feeling to see so many dressed in their uniforms. it gave me goosebumps...and obviously tears as well :)

Harts said...

Every time we go to an event and they as the men who have served or are serving our country I always start to cry :( Oh and by the way, I dedicated a laundry picture on my blog just to you :)

Julie said...

The picture alone brought tears to my eyes. Then I started thinking about how I would explain Soldiers to my little girl and then I can all chocked up. What a great thing to explain though