Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My million dollar idea.

Why has no one invented disposable clothing yet?
Don't feel like doing dishes?
(paper plates)
Don't feel like scrubbing down the bathroom?
(quick wipe-down with Clorox disinfecting wipes)
Don't feel like cooking dinner?
(take-out...frozen pizza...cereal...so many choices!)

Don't feel like trekking to the park?
(pbs kids is just as educational & mind-growing)

Don't feel like washing the dish rag?
(Othello sponges...so cheap at Target)

Don't feel like washing your own car?
(the local car wash does SUCH a great job in so little time)

Don't feel like doing laundry?


There is NO shortcut for this one.


Jen said...

Oh Haley. Imagine scrubbing all those clothes by hand in a sink in your backyard and then hanging them out to dry. . . hoping that the birds don't need to relieve themselves on your nice, clean white undies or that the nearby fruit tree can keep its fruit until your laundry is done. It is so much better than it used to be; although, admittedly a pain. (I did my laundry by hand my entire mission. I hugged the washer and dryer when I got home.)

The Mostess said...

Okay, NOW you're Mormon. Go make a casserole and complain about your laundry pile.

whitethunder said...

I am against laundry all together, what are the odds you will see the same person every day? Just wear the same thing for a week and call it good. Get that Brooklyn speciality to fold it for you...

hteuscher said...

I guess in the 70s they had paper dresses, my mom had a few....said they were a little breezy and hard to keep on:) But very trendy! Maybe they can make a comeback?

Stephanie said...

I did a pile like that last night. I just piled it all on my bed and watched a movie while I did it. I usually do that, and I don't feel like I'm wasting time. I actually don't mind folding...but I DO use all those other shortcuts you listed.

Atwoods said...

jen- you got me. had i washed by hand at any point in my life, you're right...i would NEVER complain.
kaari- last night was no leftover casserole but a DIVINE something rather i found on-line. you'll have to tweak it, but i'll pass on the recipe.
austin- that's disgusting.
heather- i don't mind a breeze...especially during these hot summer months!
stephanie- i'm completely with you. i get my fill of tv trash while folding too. the worst part for me is putting it all away. the washing & drying part - & even the folding - aren't too tough, it's just the distribution that gets me every time.

natabird said...

Laundry is my absolute, number one most hated task. It's the worst. Michael and I have worked out a laundry deal: I do all the gathering, washing, and drying then he folds it and puts it away. He had to agree to this if he ever wanted to wear clean underwear again :). Good luck.

SISSY said...

You are so funny! That looks like my house, clothes, clothes, clothes! Good idea though, maybe you could invent disposable clothing for kids, I get so sick of the stains! You would be rich girl :) Hee Hee.

Matt and Jessie said...

I think you have a winning invention. I gotta get in on the ground floor of this. I've got about $5 to invest. Go crazy!

Tara said...

Seriously. Invent. That. NOW.