Friday, June 19, 2009

Pink or Blue???


Johnson Family said...

Congratulations! That is super exciting! Boys are lots of fun! Him and Avy will be best of friends!

Beckie said...

Hawaii and ultrasound the same week?!?! Wow! And such exciting news - CONGRATULATIONS! :)

Ashley said...

Oh yay!!! That is so cute! You are so lucky to get one of each! Congrats!

whitethunder said...

Let me give you some of my favorite names for boys as I have been thinking of names since the news. We will go in abc order...
A- Austin, Angus, Aiden, Arnold, Arther, Andy, Alfonso, Akins
B- Burt, Beluf, Brady, Bronson, Benny, Billy Bob, Banji, Beck, Boston
C- Camden, Casey, Carmichael, Cooper, Cando, Christof, Custin
D- Digimon, Dillon, Dirk, Diamond, Dodger, Dustin
E- Estin,Ernst, Ernest, Earnest, Eddie, Enron, Eagerly, Easly,
F- Frank, Fredrick, Fredmundo, Froight, Frustin
G- Gerald, Genome, Gustin, Georgio, Gary, Goody
H- Harry, Happy, Hustin Hartman, Herold, Harken
I- Igor, Instien, Izzy, Iggy, Istin
J- Jared, Jeff, Jordan, Justin, Jerry, Jamin, Jorge
K- Kevin, Ken, Kustin, Kaptian, Kid, Kenji, Kabeck,Kermit
L- Lastin, Laddie, Lars, Lando, Lewis, Lionel, Livingston, Lloyd
M- Mack, Malcom, Mitch, Magnum, Maddox, Magic, Mustin, Manton
N- Nam, Nustin, Nome, Niko, Nicholas, Noach, Nigel(call him nige)
O- Obama, Ojo, O'doul, Ostin, Ollie, Olsenator, Oscar
P- Pustin, Padgett, Palmer, Pete, Parley, Parrish, Potter, Polo, Philawolf
Q- Qustin, Quasi, Quinn, Quade,Quince
R- Ranger, Rostin, Rustin, Ram, Rambo, Ricky, Rob
S- Saddam, Sam, Steve, Stick, Struss, Strause, Sunshine, Sander, Scott, Sustin
T- Tyler, Tat, Titahe, Tad, Tello, Talbot, Tangaldash, Tennessee, Trevor, Trent,Tripod, Tustin
U- Umbrella, Ugor, Ugg, Uriel, Ustin
V- Vustin, Vu, Vermont, Vermandor, Vizor, Valdamir
W- Wilson, Wustin, Willow, Weston, Wreston, Willy
X- Xiomar, Xion, Xon, Xustin
Y- Yustin, Yader, Yupper, Ysid, Yesso
Z- Zen, Zuesday, Zustin, Zeon, Zion, Zeeder

Either way I will love the little guy like a nephew. I am a little scared I have missed the ride on the emotional rollarcoaster.

Stephanie said...

YAY!!!!! How perfect. What exciting news. And your Hawaii trip looked so fun!

Matt and Jessie said...

YAY!! I am so excited for you guys!! Boys are so fun!! I am totally shocked!! I really was thinking it was another girl. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Harts said...

yay boys are so fun! I am so excited for you :)

LJ and DC said...

HOW FUN!!! congrats!

The Mostess said...

Yay. Love the crown--it's so regal!!

Rufuz and Kare said...

Yeah! So exciting!

Kyle and Melanie said...

Woo-Hoo!!! Congrats on the boy. That is so exciting!

abby bennett said...

I am so excited!! Congratulations

Smiths said...

That is so great!! We are so happy for you guys! Also love the hawaii pictures. We will move there with you guys. Matt is looking for a job there! :)

Kristine Gray said...

So great! Why does Avy not look so thrilled? Did she want more pink?

Tammy said...

No way! Sweet! Congrats!

derrickandlisadye said...

There is nothing better than a sweet little boy. Momma's boys are the BEST!!! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you!!!