Thursday, June 4, 2009

Country, meet City.

We just returned from a lovely vacation to our beloved home-lands of Utah & Idaho.
We currently call California our home-land, which we love too.
There are just a few, minor differences between Utah/Idaho & California.

Here you have it:

U/I: people play with toy guns & even haul REAL guns around in their trucks
Cali: dare I say the 3-letter word near another human, I will soon be under investigation

U/I: we heard & saw freight trains all throughout the day
Cali: we hear & see sirens all throughout the day

U/I: we went swimming & I was NOT the whitest lady in the pool
Cali: we went swimming a couple weeks ago & I WAS the whitest lady in the pool

U/I: I saw about 15 gals, my age or younger, walking their children in strollers within a 15-minute span
Cali: I see 15 different folks walking their dogs within a 15-minute span

U/I: our nephew ran around in a hat that read "NRA"
Cali: you better hope you have a bodyguard if you say those 3 letters in that order

U/I: I took Avy to the playground at a baseball game. NONE of the other children had parents nearby. At all.
Cali: CPS will likely be alerted if you are more than 20 feet from your child.

U/I: Tyler went fishing, fixed sprinklers, worked on tractors, golfed, rode 4-wheelers...
Cali: the only outdoor hobby he can muster around here involves climbing our brick wall in the backyard,
scaling the massive tree behind the brick wall,
& sawing down some tree branches.
Oh, let's not forget the branches got caught in telephone/electric wires and he had to shake them to get the branches to fall.
That's totally safe.....right?


Harts said...

Hey...I am in Idaho too right now. I wish I could of seen you :( How are you feeling with your pregnant self? I like your post....crazy how things are so different huh

The Bock Family said...

So true. :)

Matt and Jessie said...

How funny! I would love to hear the difference between the Virginia Theater and your local plays. I am sure that the Virginia theater beats all. It was great to see you and Avy!! Hope you have a great vacation!!

The Mostess said...

True dat. To all of the above.

Please excuse me, I have to go walk my dog. Not my baby.

Lancer and Tyler should go shoot guns.

SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!! i'VE MISSED YOU! Gogie, too. He wants to lick Avy...and vice-versa.

Jennikunz said...

NRA??? Say it aint so!!