Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Life These Days

No time to blog.
My days are filled with:


They never end.
I don't know how, but there is ALWAYS a stack of dishes.
Even if I do them before I go to sleep,
when I wake in the morning,
 the sink somehow mysteriously filled with dirty dishes while I was sleeping.
It really is a magical feat.


I thought dishes never ended???
Laundry is the mother of all never-ending tasks.
I had the beast of all laundry mountains in the world on my bedroom floor last week.
I considered taking a picture to showcase the mountain,
but really, I would just shame myself into a hole if I showed you that.


It's no secret.
Our plumbing is poop.
My arms get a daily workout with the toilet.
Seriously, I plunge every day.

Please tell me your kids' rooms get to this point too?!?!

And the sad thing is that this picture was taken the day after I cleaned that room top to bottom.
All it takes is one playdate.
How is this possible???

And this leads me to my Sunday morning bathroom.
Tyler is in the Bishopric, so he jets out in the wee morning hours to church for meetings & the like.
That leaves me wrangling 3 live alligators to get out the door in our finest clothing & most beautiful faces, hair, & teeth before the church bell rings.
This is the aftermath:

And speaking of the live alligators,
aren't they adorable?

Their latest tricks include but are not limited to:

Rolling from tummy to back.
Getting fatter by the day.
Reaching for things.
Holding onto things for a bit.
Smiling like there's no tomorrow.

Sleeping like a rock star.
She's a genius I tell ya.


He's a hat loving gent.
Always sporting a lid:

Wearing the big boy unders
(& not just on his head)
Trust me, this was fully his idea.
I have been trying to tell him how soft and comfy diapers are that there's no rush to ditch them,
but he didn't believe me.
He wants undies.
Goodbye convenience.
However, there is nothing more adorable
 than a pair of little squishy bunsies in undies.
He even stays dry for his naps!

He loves his sisters.
He really does.

This is all he needs for happiness right here:

& his hoop


Starting to read!
Such a self-motivator that girl is.
A couple weeks ago she asked me to sit down & help her read.
I was blown away with what she knew!
You go girl!

Celebrated her birthday!
You're right, it was in September,
But since I was laboring & prepping to birth, 
we skipped school the day of Avy's birthday & 
finally got to celebrate it in her class this past week.

Sold his Volvo.
Wants a truck.
Researches EVERYTHING there is to know about trucks.
Went to Sacramento for half the week last week for work.
Has visited EVERY dealership from here to Sacramento looking at trucks.
Has responded to EVERY craigslist add having anything to do with a truck.
Shows me EVERY craigslist add having anything to do with a truck.
Thank heavens he's so adorable.

 dishes, laundry, plunging, cleaning,
 Avy, Linc, Ashby, & Tyler Truck.
And I love it.
Wouldn't trade it for the world.


Kristine Gray said...

I hear ya sista-plunging, laundry, and 3 make a mess. Ground Hog Day everyday, but wonderful at the same time!

Jen said...

Oh, boy. Laundry, dishes, messes, cute little baby cheeks. Hayley -- You hit it on the nose! Busy season doesn't help either. . .

Matt and Jessie said...

Gotta love being a mom! It is a big bunch of crazy all the time, but at least ya never get bored! I love your cute updates! Sounds like everyone is doing well and keeping you on your toes! Your kids are just the cutest!! Miss ya my friend!

Jenni said...

I am terrified of having another baby with Jared in the bishopric. Serious props to you - making it with three.

The Gilberts said...

I'm with you on the laundry and dishes, never, never ending! I can't wait to hire some 14 yr old to come 2x a week and make miracles happen in that department... hmmm, maybe in 5 years.

Keep up the good fight! Those are so cute :O)

The Gilberts said...

This is a typo day, I meant-- 'those KIDS are so cute', not your plunger. And Kristine, is so right-- its Groundhog Day everyday. I don't even know how to answer Justin when he says, "what did u do today, honey?" LOL

The Mostess said...

Total Groundhog day. Dishes, laundry, never ends. Every time I think I have a handle on some area of my house, the other end explodes.

I need to sit Tyler down and hear all about his truck. This sounds hilarious.

Go Avycakers! Read on, girl.

Little Red in his hats--so cute.

Little Blondie and her adorable tummy--delish. I want some of that baby belly!