Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Victory is SWEET!

(sorry, somehow i erased the previous post..here it is...again)

I've done it, friends.
I've brought home the gold.
The blue ribbon is mine.
I've had my cake & eaten it too.

Well, technically, it wasn't cake.
It was a chewy bar.
Chewy Butterscotch Bar, to be exact.
& some of my fellow locals may be familiar with the 
Chewy Butterscotch Bar because after all,
I did win first place this year with these tasty gems.
(side note to recipe:
After they are cool, I melt butterscotch chips & drizzle that over the top, then do the same with chocolate chips.
After that, I sprinkle Heath toffee pieces to top them off...YUM!)

You read that right.

This is a picture of Kaari & the first place winner, Me.

Some people refer to the annual event as a 
"Cookie Swap" or a "Cookie Party"
or a "Cookie Exchange"
Let's get one thing straight, Ladies,
it's a "Cookie Competition"
Does this look like the face of a girl who's here just for a swap or party?
This is me after a shameful loss last year.

But I brought my A game this year.
Here are the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners:
That's me in the middle...the 1st place winner.
And I must also say that Candace & Natalia were serious competition.
If it weren't for my secret weapon, the Heath pieces, I may have been in trouble.

And here's the booty loot I brought home:
 So adorable, right?!?!
Did you notice the "1st Place" tag inside the bowl?

Here's the tough competition I was up against:

Since it is a Cookie Competition with a "swap" or "exchange" element to it, I brought home lots of treaties from the par-tay.  

As has been done every year for the past 6 years upon my arrival home from the competition,
Tat & Austy sat down & gave me their full review & analysis of everybody else's entry.

And Gus-Gus quite enjoyed the entries as well.

So now that I've won first place, I guess the pressure's on for 2012.
I gots to get to baking!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

That crazy pic of you a couple of years ago is the best!

You deserved this win, and you totally knew you had it in the bag when you walked in.

Heath bits are totally the bomb. They were in my (non-placing) cookies as well.

I already have my cookie idea for next year, but I have no illusions of grandeur in this department.