Monday, February 21, 2011

In the words of Miley...'s a party in the USA.
Or for you old schoolers out in Blogville,
maybe you prefer the likes of this:
I don't wanna work, I just want to bang on the drums all day.

What I'm trying to say is that it's been all play and no work around here the past week and a half.

Party after party after party after party.
Here's the itinerary:

Avy's preschool Valentine's Day Party.

I was the snack mom for this.
I took Big Red to the store & she helped me pick out all things Valentine for the party:
Pink Lemonade
Red strawberries
Pink sprinkle heart cookies
Purple berry rice cakes

So I may or may not have gotten into it a bit with a fellow class mom who didn't agree with me that purple is a Valentine's Day color.
Hear me out.
She's from another country.
A country where heart day is not celebrated.
She told me she's never heard of purple being a V-day color.
I politely educated her on the colors of V-day (red, pink, with purple as an accent).
She continued to tell me she didn't agree with me that purple belongs.
This went on for several minutes.
The conversation ended with me saying,
"Listen, Lady. 
I happen to be the Valentine Queen, and purple does indeed belong with pink & red.
If you're going to continue to challenge me, I will swipe those purple berry rice cakes off your plate so fast you'll never know what hit ya."
Just kidding.
But I was so bugged by the conversation that I continued to poll people the rest of Valentine's week.
And, just as expected...I was right.

The rest of the party ran quite smoothly.
Kids made cute candy jars:
Avy gave Mrs. Vargas her handmade crafty card:
She had me write inside the smaller card attached to the bottom,
"To Mrs. Vargas.  From Avy and Avy's Mom.
Happy Valentine's Day and Happy New Year."
The class walked a few blocks to the nearest mail box to mail Valentine's cards:
I love this picture.  You see the girls in their lovely feminine party dresses spinning around, & then you see Avy and the boys in the background discussing the finer points of Buzz Lightyear & Woody-dom.
Kids took turns passing out Valentine's to one another:

The 6th Annual Atwood Valentine Shindig.
Always a fun time.
Lots of food.

Lots of lovers licorice racing to the heart.
Lots of awesome white elephant gifts.

Ashley was the winner with her Valentine's Card that Kaari is modeling:
She took home this booty:

Kids Valentine's Day Party.
Hold it.
This was NOT a party.
I made it very certain to classify this small gathering as a playdate.
Linc was struck by Cupid:
Avy REALLY wanted to have a Valentine's Day Party for her friends.
I can't say no.
Seriously, it would be blasphemy for me to deny a request for a party.
But I had to technically call it a playdate.
Here's why:
1- Tat-man would never have approved the budget for another party in February.
2- When I party, I like the guest-list big.  The more the merrier.
Not this time.  My house can only handle so much in one month, so I told her she could only invite a few little friends.
3- When I party, I want the food to be worth driving over for & the activities to be worth taking a seat for.
Classifying this one as a playdate,
a) left Tyler feeling very positive about the kids utilizing their social skills with other children
b) gave me no guilt in informally asking only a few friends to bring their kids over
c) let me feel that throwing pretzels & leftover weekend party treats out on my counter was totally substantial

The playdate-goers took the job of passing out Valentine's VERY seriously:

As per tradition at the Tatwood household, the Valentine's Fairy stopped by for her annual drop & run visit:

Lindsay's Baby Shower.
My friend LY is having her baby girl in a couple weeks!
Friend Whitney & I threw her a fondue shower.

Y to the U to the M.
We did a swiss/gruyere blend for the cheese
(thanks Kaari for manning this station all night)
& a peanut butter chocolate blend for the chocolate.
I was too busy stuffing my face with 30,000 calories all night to take any pics of the fondue itself.
Oh well.
Take my word for it that it was finger-licking good.
Here are the dipper tables:
What a fun night with great people.

So I guess it's back to work around these parts.
My kids need a detox from sugar.
My house needs a deep clean.
Tat wants to count pennies with me.

Wish me luck!


Jan'l said...

So sad I missed 2 of those great parties... you truly do rock in the party department. And you are absolutely right that purple is an accent color at Vday. ;)
Hope to be partying again soon with you !!! (or um I mean playdates)

Molly said...

Sheesh. Just reading this post made me tired. And I completely agree with you on making the guest list big. I really have a hard time leaving people off of guests lists, which is why we haven't really had people over in years. Couldn't ever fit people in our apartments!

Matt and Jessie said...

You know how to party! Every time you post pictures of a party, your food table looks SO ELEGANT! Consider me impressed! You know how to host a party for sure!! You are the woman! Love the pictures of Avy's school party. She is so adorable!

Lindsey said...

This post makes me nothing but sad. okay, well, a little happy when i read about you having it out with another mom about purple being a vday color (which it is). she obviously did not know who she was conversing with!

I thought numerous times about the sad fact that I was missing your vday party. how could it be vday without it? I even considered throwing one for a second...but people are pretty lame here and rarely go to parties :( which, i will admit, our social life is one of the things i miss most (and of course those i was social with). in other words we need to pack a year of socializing/partying into the week i am there.

I wish I could have been at lindsay's shower too. it looked great.

okay, i've said enough.

Ashley said...

We have a new Mostess! Or, another Mostess! I seriously felt like you were my cruise director for a week and it was fabulous. I love my prizes--I will most likely never win a cookie exchange but this was my moment and I got great swag. Purple is an accent color at V-day (and also can be an accent at Halloween though I prefer just black and orange). And finally, I just paid good money to download Party in the USA. Miley's good tunes.

The Mostess said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...bite your tongue, Carter!! A new Mostess?? You just got demoted to Tier 7!!

But seriously--your parties were all adorable, and B loved the playdate, especially since Linc gave her a little forehead action!

I miss all of our besties, too! They were all missed.

Lovely baby shower. Lindsay looked gorgeous, and the food SO tasty!

Purple is a V-Day color. That woman is smoking crack.