Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

In my life, I have never met a little person that can melt my heart one minute,
& then the next minute leave me thinking that
a visit to the looney-bin may be just the vacation I need.

He had his 15 month check-up yesterday.
The report is that he is one of the most active, determined 15 month olds Dr. Kandel has seen in a long time.
He won her over when he frantically scoured her cabinet drawers looking for her lollipops.
When he found them, he first let out one of his famous shrieks
(you know, the one you hear every Sunday in Sacrament meeting & are left thinking,
"Who is the lameski mom that can't control her kid!?!?!")
but then he quickly changed his tune, started smacking himself silly with his "Please" baby sign & excitedly yelled, "PEE! PEE! PEE!" over & over until she gave him a sucker.

She then told me that the 2 goose-eggs & black & blue legs of his let her know that I'm a good mom.
That was proof enough that I don't let him live in a bubble or padded room.
I challenge anyone to put him in a padded room.  I guarantee he will gnaw his way out.

& last but not least, she was very impressed with his accuracy and strength.  She dodged toys he threw at her.  Her pen somehow got swpied out of her hand & hurled to the other side of the room.
Here he is a few days ago.
He shoots:

He scores.

 And that concludes my bragging session of Linc.


Kira said...

I seriously think there's something to the whole birth order thing because my 2nd child could match that description...it's a good thing that they are so dang cute!

Hayley said...

KIRA! i was TOTALLY thinking of you & your terror today :) jack, right? Linc wold get my attention, then run over to the blinds, look me in the eye, yank on them, twist them, pull them, & then as soon as I would get up to go towards him, he would run from me! we did this MANY times today. you think i would learn.

i told him he needed a straight-jacket & then thought of when you threatened yours with duck tape. hahaha! :)

Matt and Jessie said...

What a cute little man!! It sounds like he is a handful!