Monday, November 1, 2010

out with the old & in with the new

Tat had a gall bladder
This is him giving some love to his Jeep as we are about to drive to the hospital for surgery.
Why is he hugging his old Jeep & not his wife & kids?
I told Tat I was going to sell it while he was away for a few days.
Unfortunately, the prospective craigslist buyer didn't come through.

Tat has no gall bladder & no gall stones, but still a Jeep.

(if you're interested, here's how the surgery went down...
...Gall Bladdy Tatty has some seriously wrong pains on a Monday so he made an appt with our doc for the next morning.  He went to his appt Tues morning & the ultrasound pics were sent to the surgeon who said it needed to come out pretty much immediately.  So the kids & I took a field trip up to EC Hospital & checked the poor guy in.  He had it taken out later that night.  Unfortunately he didn't give me any good material to work with from the drugs; I thought for sure he would say some hilarious stuff to me.  (Like when he had his appendix removed & all he could talk about for the next hour was bowel movements.)  Anywho, the surgery went well.  He then had to have the nasty gall stone removed the next morning.  He obviously tried to keep any body parts/particles he could get his hands on, but alas, the doc wouldn't give em up.  Thank you Dr.  He came home Thursday afternoon & fortunately all has been well since.
We're so glad you're feeling better, Big Guy!)

Oh wait, I forgot the best part about the whole GB story.
As the kids and I were leaving from visiting him after his surgery, we called him from down in the parking lot to look out his window so we could wave to him.
He went to his window.
He waved.
He then turned around & opened the back of his hospital gown.
Yes, all traffic on Grant Road & in the parking lot had a nice bunsie shot courtesy of Tat.
Only Tyler.  Only Tyler.

Linc's sky high hair
Handsome little Buddy.
It's still no where near perfect b/c cutting his hair was no cake walk.  The dude doesn't sit still. 
But it's presentable.

Avy was going to be Blue's Clues for Halloween.

She ended up being Cowgirl Jessie.
The week before Halloween, she was struck by the Toy Story fairy & became unhealthily obsessed with all things Toy Story.  She REALLY wanted to be Jessie so she pulled out all her tricks.
"But Mom, Blue's Clues has 4 legs & I only have 2."
"But Mom, Blue's Clues costume is so small for me now."
"But Mom, I have red hair & Cowgirl Jessie has red hair."
"But Mom, Blue's Clues is a boy & I'm a girl!"
She knows BC is a girl dog.  She's just trying to trick me.

Anywho, I wasn't about to crush her 3 year old dreams, so I told her I wouldn't buy her one, but I would give it the old college try & make her one.
Here comes my horn, a'tootin itself:
It turned out so cute.  I'm so glad she suggested it. 
Watching her love her costume & assume her role as Cowgirl Jessie will forever be some of my most cherished memories.

Austy was 24
Austy is 25
This is the shirt I made for him for his birthday present.
Wear it with pride, Bro & take any respectable offers!

My love for Zac Efron

My cougar crush on Justin Bieber

No crush, but the show was fun.

He got some free tix from work for their Suite so we spent the evening chowing down on free goodies & snuggling atop the HP Pavillion. 
I have NEVER been anywhere so loud in my entire life.
A billion 13-year old shrieking girls for 3 hours do the math.
But it was fun.
& we got to see Sean Kingston.
& JB is kinda cute.
& he's fun to watch dance.
& he floated around the audience in a caged heart.
It doesn't get any better than that.

& by the way, I still swoon for the Zefron.
& for you too, Tatwood.

Family pics where everyone looks pleasant

Pics where girl red looks like she just had dental work done, where dad looks like he's been spending time in Berkeley or Santa Cruz, & where Buddy looks like he just received 5 years worth of vaccinations in one fell swoop. 
Too bad.  I look decent.

Tat's company had an awesome Halloween party.  Unfortunately my battery died so I didn't get any good pics of the par-tay, but it was fun.  There was all sorts of delicious food, cupcakes, candy, goody bags for the kids, haunted house (which avy & i skipped, but tat & buddy went through...budster came out screaming), carved pumpkins on display (the finance dept had a $ symbol carved in theirs...was that your idea, Tat?), & awesome costumes all around.  Great Fun!

Buddy was a robot for all the early week Halloween festivities.
(ps- Steph I love this pic of these 2)
Became Blue's Clues by the end of the week.
The robot hat was way too cumbersome for his liking & the mid-section really intruded on his speed crawling.

Being totally intimidated by Candace A arms.

Swallowing my fear & arm wrestling her.
She creamed me.
(For those who don't know C.A., she has the most coveted female arms in the Bay Area. Am I right, ladies? No Relief Society flab on those puppies. Not an ounce.)

Not giving Avy refined sugar until she was well over 1 year old.

Linc has no rules.  He double fists it.

PS...Yes, Avycakes did wear her Jessie costume every day this week.
PSS...JEEP FOR SALE!  Any takers?


Andrea said...

Love your kids, they are super cute! Haley, JB? Seriously? We need to talk. I guess as long as you had fun...:-)

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, that was so funny. I totally want a turn at Candace. With my right arm, only. I haven't been carrying 25 pounds around all year for nothing! I love that picture of the boys, too. That's so awesome Linc was Blue, except it IS a girl outfit. What the heck...I was always so confused about that, and Magenta is the boy. Weird.

Valerie said...

Ha ha ha love that double fist sucker picture. I was the same, Stockton didn't have sugar for at least a year, can't remember, and Addy, well Brandon fed her a bite of ice cream already! You did a great job making Avy's costume, it is awesome and looks great on her!

Ashley said...

I will go to my grave testifying that you Mrs. Tatwood are a strong, strong woman! C.A. has nothing on you--okay maybe a little.

Jessie was the CUTEST and I need to introduce a certain Flash to the beauties of the hot glue gun.

Speaking of Flash, the Tat-hospital gown story was the best part of this post! That's my second counselor baby!

Matt and Jessie said...

Love your post! Glad the hubby is on the mend. Props on the Jessie costume. She looked really cute!!

Jennikunz said...

Hay, You make me laugh so hard! Your picture recap... priceless! How much is the jeep. Not gunna lie, I'm looking.

candace said...

love the old, AND the new!

and love the fact that tat blessed the world with his... too funny!

btw, you put up a good fight. i was sweatin' it for sure :)

The Mostess said...

Candace totally has the best arms.

Jessie was the better choice.

Linc has the right idea.

Tat is hilarious.

You SO TOTALLY love Bieber, I know it. The floating metal heart won you over.

Baby, baby, baby....oh, baby!