Friday, November 12, 2010


Terms of endearment for gingersnap #2:
Buddy.  Buster.  Guster.  Binx.  Tubby/Tubs.  Linc. 
& very rarely, Lincoln.

Whatever we call him, he's a love.
He's a heart-melting, monkey-climbing, kiss-giving, little love.

Does he still keep us up all night?
I haven't slept more than 5 consecutive hours in a year.
(except the 1 night I was away)
Does he throw more tantrums in a day than his sister has ever thrown in 3 years?
A day?  Try an hour.
Does he purposefully get our attention before he knocks over the laptop or touches the outlet or shakes the lamp?
Every day.
Does he throw his head back and smack my face on a daily basis?
Without fail.
Did he poop on Zac Effron's face yesterday?
He most certainly did.

But even still, this little cherub has had me wrapped around his finger since Day 1.

We love you Buddy!

You are so funny. I often find you laughing & talking to yourself.
Your favorite song is, appropriately, Happy Birthday To You & whenever we say,
"Linc, sing us a song," you sing Happy Birthday. It sounds like, "Ahhh Beeee....." but we know what you're trying to say :)
You love peek-a-boo & patty cake & can't wait to "toss it in the oven."
You love your daddy. You choose him over me all the time.

In your own special language, you say:
dada, mama, avy, baby, austy, hi, bye-bye, thank you, uh-oh, up/down, all done, & that.
You've been taking about 5 steps now for the past week!  You're so close to cruisin!
You love to climb.  You are always looking for new gear to use as your base to hoist you up to a higher level.
You're favorite person is Avycakes. 
You loved her from the start & you patiently put up with a lot of her shenanigans.
(i usually don't apologize for gnarly pics of myself, however, please forgive this one. this was the day before giving birth. & not to mention we had just hiked, so cut a large, tired girl some slack.)

You have a sweet, super kissable face. 

You are so much fun & make life at the Atwood ranch very, very happy.
Happy 1st Birthday!!!


Ashley said...

I didn't realize it was his birthday when I saw him yesterday--I'm so embarassed! :) He really is the cutest--that first picture is to die for. I have loved his big smiles for a long time now. On Sundays I love watching him in his argyle vest as he scopes out the scene and crawls away like a fast little monkey. Really I just think he would fit into my family perfecty!

Matt and Jessie said...

What a cute little sweetie! Happy Birthday little one!

Heather Teuscher said...

On the efron??? come on buddy! I miss this little guy, he is such a crack up! Cant believe he is almost walking! and the cutest oics of the two kiddos,they look like such good friends.

Kevin and Kristina said...

So adorable!! Love all the pictures. Happy Birthday Linc!

McDonalds said...

There is no way your little guy is a year old!!!! Wow. Happy Birthday to him! (Okay, here is something totally and completely selfish...have you quit the savy shopper blogging? If so, I understand there are times and seasons and kiddos take up more than all the time and energy a momma has....but I also want you to know that I miss it and really scored some deals thanks to you. If and when you get back to it I will be a weekly, if not daily supporter.)