Friday, October 1, 2010

Yo Pops,

While you've been playing with numbers & all things exciting in the accounting world till wee hours of the pm/am this past week,
here's what we've been up to:

First Preschool Fieldtrip to the Park

Mom decided it could either be another laundry day today,
or we could bust out & hit up the zoo while the weather is still pristine.
THANK GOODNESS she chose the latter.
What a great day for the zoo!

We were no longer Hayley, Avy, & Linc. 
The zoo somehow transformed us into Alicia, Diego, & Baby Jaguar.
I, Alicia, searched high & low for animals that needed help.

I, Buddy, excuse me, Baby Jaguar, quickly made friends with the Climbers of Madagascar.

I also tried to climb everything in sight, as expected:

As Diego was doing my hair this morning, I specifically told her I wanted it "down and fluffy so the wind could blow through it."
It appears my wish came true.

Baby Jag & I escaped the polar bears by scaling the logs:

Alicia posed for a few glamour shots:

Checked in on the elephants.  They were fine.

Alicia decided that driving a glittery fire truck in circles is about the greatest thing in life.

Baby Jaguar was so happy to see Alicia ride around, that he would laugh & squeal...
...but then he would realize he was mad that he wasn't riding so he would protest.
This is how he expressed 2 emotions at once:

We ended the day "needing more energy," in the words of Alica, so we stopped at the corner gas station in downtown Oak-town...yes, totally safe I know, to grab these babies:

Ahhhh...twas a successful day saving the lives of animals.

In other good news, Linc had his first dress-up experience this week.

 Good times this week Dad.  Good times.


Kristine Gray said...

Thanks for the idea about the zoo. Your kids are just too precious!

Valerie said...

Ha ha ha, love the dress up pictures. And I love baby Jaguar's mow hawk, oh and his shoes, so cute!

Heather Teuscher said...

That is the best two emotion face EVER! He is too cute, although look at those chompers! And missy is just too pretty, love the pigtails and the down and fluffy look. They look like they had so much fun, wish I was there (I just need to put that phrase on repeat:) This is WAY better than laundry day!

Matt and Jessie said...

How fun! Looks like you guys are taking advantage of the awesome weather too! We have been doing the same thing. It almost feels like we are back in July! Hopefully it lasts until Halloween! Heck, it could last until Christmas and I would be thrilled! Love all the pictures! What a couple of cuties!!

Lindsey said...

lovin linc!

and that is the first of many dress ups. before you know it he will be asking for the tutu! not that my boy would ever do such a thing.

Ashley said...

Holy smokes, the down and fluffy pic gave me a glimpse of Avy as a woman and she is going to be smokin!

McDonalds said...

Dressing up is so So much fun and Linc is so nice to let Avy dress him up. They seem like the best of buddies.