Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Honor of Earth Day...

I wore my "Love is Green" shirt.

We took a walk & enjoyed the earthy foliage.

Tat's company officially went Public today!
 & how appropriate that it was on Earth Day, seeing as how Codexis is a Green company.
Maybe now since the IPO is over we can possibly see him more than a wink a week?
This is Tat as we speak...reuniting with his TV.

We dressed up as animal's of Mother Nature.

Tat brought home a couple trees & flower packets to plant.

And this guy celebrated Mother Earth Mardi Gras style.

Then I closed up the day by driving my gas-guzzling SUV to the mall & wasting way too much $ on pants that are made of anything but cotton & have no opportunity of ever being used as anything but pants.
But chill out, I saved my shopping bags & will most definitely be reusing them,
 for my recycling items nonetheless.


The Mostess said...

Ooh! Did you buy skinny jeans??

Hayley said...

YES! & they are much hotter than my frumpy oldies. but i'll let you be the judge.

The Mostess said...

But are they hotter than the drop-waist Laura Ashley dress on my blog, circa age 14? Methinks not.

Jenni said...

I don't think they celebrate Earth Day in Barcelona. But they are celebrating some holiday today. I don't really know what it's about, but the men are supposed to give the women roses and the women are supposed to give the men a book (though, apparently, the more forward-thinking men are now starting to give the women books as well). And there are little stands set up all over the streets where you can purchase said items.

Matt and Jessie said...

Glad you had a great Earth Day! You are quite festive! Glad you are seeing more of Tyler these days.

Hayley said...

mostess, i will wear them saturday...pretty sure you won't be able to take your eyes off of me.
jenni, that's a cool holiday. can they swap the flowers or books for something even more forward chocolate or expensive jewelry? i like that. ps- your wedding favor frisby recently surfaced at our house & avy has been playing with it daily.
jess, yes, it'll be AWESOME to see tyler more. he's pretty much been holed up since linc was born. poor hermit.

Ashley said...

This post reminded me of your "stuff's a'sproutin" post last year where you announced you were pregnant with Lincoln. I was excited to get to the end to see what else you were a'growin." This time . . . skinny jeans! *Almost* as exciting.