Saturday, April 3, 2010

He's single, Ladies!

This dude's livin the life!

Whoever said being morbidly obese is a bad thing?
Ask George & he'll tell you his 600 pound self is the greatest thing that ever happened to him.

Well, he avioded jail because it would cost the state of Florida too much money to pay his medical bills.

Why was he arrested?
For scamming restaurants & stores out of FOOD!

I love it.
I KNEW eating that half, ok 3/4 pan of brownies was an inspired choice.


The Mostess said...

Shouldn't you be watching conference, and not touting the benefits of choosing obesity?

Now I know what to do when Ashley Carter realizes I'm the one who stole Tyler's credit card, and spent 3k @ Chuck E Cheese's. I'll gain 500 lbs to avoid jailtime.

On second thought, she seemed pretty mad....

The Mostess said...

PS--I thought this was going to be a post pawning Austin off.

Kristine Gray said...

Too funny, but gross at the same time.