Monday, February 22, 2010

Since we last spoke...

Valentine's Day. 
Always a party at the Atwood home.

The Valentine's Fairy made her annual stop.
However, this year she referred to herself as the V.F.
You know, she's in survival mode & writing Valentine's Fairy so many times was just WAY too much work.

Lunch was colored pink.

We held the 5th Annual Atwood Valentine's Day Party.

Lindsay made these hand stamped cookies.
This one says, "Happy Birthday Suit."
Avy ate one the next day that read, "You Sexy Beast."
No worries, she can't read yet.

Guests who drive hours to attend:

Some of the White Elephant Gifts:
Breastfeeding How-to Book
Giant Oversized Dora
(future post to come soon)

Hillbilly Briefcase


Superman Underoos
(The Galbraith's somehow ALWAYS end up with creepy Superhero gear.  Weird.)

& last but not least,
My Valentine.
So Romantic.

And really last, but really not least,
 my pint-sized Valentine.


Matt and Jessie said...

Avy looks so grown up in that first picture!! She is one beautiful little girlie!! Glad your party was a hit and that you had a great Valentines day!

Kevin and Kristina said...

Looked like an awesome v-day party as usual. You always throw a great one! Loved the white elephant gifts too.

The Mostess said...

Your Valentines (big and small) are just so darn cute. But you already know that!

Thanks for another great party. And loads of crap to take to Goodwill.

Ashley said...

The party was spectacular as always! I'm glad that Jan'l will learn how to breastfeed, phew!

You are cute to do the VF. You are a good mom!

hteuscher said...

That little face kills me! Your kids have the best expressions!

Alie said...

So sad we missed it!!! Can't wait for next year!!