Friday, January 8, 2010

Here's what you missed on Glee:

No, this post isn't about Glee.
However, I do pretty much laugh my pants off every episode. 
It's about what the Tatwood family has been up to & what I've failed to post about the past 2 months.

Here we go:

Thanksgiving was uneventful.
Avy & I cooked, fed Linc (well, I did), watched the parade, fed Linc some more (well, I did), cooked some more.

Tat played football with the local hooligans.
Upon Tat's return, I cried, said I was exhausted, told him to finish the turkey-less Thanksgiving Day feast & watch the kiddies while I slept.
Happy Thanksgiving.
I woke up to this:

The next day we went to Half Moon Bay to get our Christmas Tree & ride the ponies at Lemos Farm.
It poured rain.  Really poured.

We saved tree hunting for the next day.

We went back to Lemo's for another pony ride & found the perfect tree at the tree farm.

Tat dressed appropriately in his Lumber Jack Joe shirt for the occasion.

As you can imagine, Tat was in his element.

Mama Atwood came into town.
Bless her heart. Thanks for ALL your help!

We went to Christmas in the Park in downtown San Jose a couple times.

Grandpa Bird & Uncle Jaxon came into town for a brief stop then went to Honduras with Austy.

I tried to get a Christmas card photo.
These were the rejects (the pictures, not the kids):

This was the keeper:

I had the energy to throw out a few Christmas decorations & finally make our stockings & stocking holders (stocking holder idea came from my talented friend Lindsey K).

Tat stayed home long enough to hang up the lights after much nagging.

I've been tired.
Really tired.
So tired that I give in much easier than I used to.
I've had to pick my battles & these are obviously battles I have lost:
Sleeping in princess clothes & stamping one's own forehead.

Requesting a different plate for every single pancake.

Not wearing clothes & looking like one of the robbers in Home Alone.

Again with the hobo pics.  Self explanatory.

We hit up the Ward Christmas Party.

We celebrated 5 years of sheer wedded bliss by having dinner at Aldo in Los Altos...
one of my new faves.

Austy graced us with his Santa self on several different occasions.

We made & ate TOOOOOO many treats.

We rode the carousel while it was in town.

We had milkshakes at Johnny Rockets after riding the carousel.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with good friends at the Pharris home.

Kaari learned the Atwoods are dummies when it comes to playing charades.

Santa made a stop at the Atwood home.

We've been eating this little cutesy alive.

Tat & Avy have become quite the ice-skating extraordinaires.
They hit up every rink in a 20 mile radius.

We went bowling.

Avy ate some snackers.
Avy jumped for joy at her sweet bowl that knocked down lots of pins.

Avy puked all over the alley.
Avy felt better, put on my jacket, & bowled some more.

We gladly welcomed Dogface into our home for a week while his parents were traveling.
Lincoln especially loved having him turned Avy's love & affection towards Logan rather than Linc.

Logan: "P.L.E.A.S.E. get me outta here!"

We toured the famous Palo Alto Christmas Lights Street. was cold.

Tat's wonderful family came into town.
We went Geo Caching.
(It's like treasure hunting around town...totally fun!)

Tat found this one:

I found the next. I can get very competitive.

We blessed sweet little Lincoln.

Had a Dessert Bar later that night to celebrate Blessing Day.

I can always count on CK to enjoy my parties.

& this leaves us with today's fun...
pudding painting & tea-parties.

I'm officially caught up.

And that's what you missed on Glee.


Valerie said...

wow, no wonder you have been tired, you have done a ton of stuff! Your kids are so cute! Love the hobo pictures and love little Linc is his smiling picture, so adorable. You look great for just having a baby. I am glad your holiday was good. (oh and I LOVE GLEE too, when the heck is it coming back on, it has to be soon right?)

Beckie said...

Love it - but I am tired after seeing all you did! What a darling family. I wish you a quiet January -

Matt and Jessie said...

How did you get so much packed in with a newborn? You are amazing! You look AWESOME by the way! Love all the pictures of your two cuties. I can't believe that you dog sat. I totally can't see you with a dog for some odd reason. Maybe because I picture you with Bella. I think that was the dogs name. Anyway, you never seemed to have many loving moments with that particular dog.
Anyway, glad you had a great holiday. It was great to see Austin fresh from his eharmony cruise!

The Mostess said...

I loved that we all stayed home and hid/vegged in our pj's all day. It was uneventful and amazing!

Also love that we had the same clever idea to go to HMB and go tree shopping--two days in a row!!

I should have ridden the pony in HMB.

Honduras=EHarmony cruise, right?

LOVE the stockings!!

Hobo wear/Home Alone robber outfits=not a good look. But you already know that.

Haha--I love the pic of me. It may look like a peace sign, but I'm really saying "Two words, second word. What is wrong with you people??? Two words, second word!!!"

Pssshhhaww!! Logan's face is saying "this is way better than the crap amount of love and attention I get at home. I am never leaving!" PS-did she dress Dogface?

I love the 2 Little Reds in the princess tent! Thank you so much!

I love this post more than Glee. And I frickin' LOVE that show!!

The Mostess said...

Matt and Jessie: You can't imagine Hayley with a dog because you haven't met the World's Greatest Dog.

If you had, you would understand. :)

Tara said...

As much as I love Glee, it was even better to get an Atwood update. Enjoy that little baby--they grow so so so fast. I'm pretty sure Blake was born about 3 days ago, although Rusty tells me he's now over 7 months.

Kevin and Kristina said...

Loved the update! I would be exhausted too. You are such a great mom!

Carlie said...

I loved this Hay! Your kids are too cute. Littl Avy looks just like you, and Lincoln is adorable! I can't believe you have two kids, and I have never met either of them! So sad. Loved the update. But I totally get why you are tired...sheesh girl, slow down! ;)

McDonalds said...

I don't have your email, so I will have to try to contact you this way...sorry about a long, unrelated message to your post.

I would like to go to San Fran for my anniversary the last weekend in Feb (we were engaged there 7.5 years ago). Though we fly for free, this still may be way out of our perpetual student price range especially since I will have to bring the kids and a sitter and thus get two hotel rooms. Any tips on how to find the very bestest deals on hotels? I hear you are the woman to go to. If so, (when/if you get to it...I have two tiny kids too, so I know this may never happen) you can email me at Thanks friend and happy holidays.

Jennikunz said...

oh my gosh.. My stomach hurts from laughing!!! Dang you're funny!