Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ashby the 1 year old.

As you may or may not know,
Avy & Ashby share the same birthday.

My dr wanted to induce me to have Ashby on Avy's birthday, but I protested & said,
"No way. Birthdays are a big deal at our house & I would hate to be responsible for them not having their own."
So she set my induction for the next day.
However, in true Ashby fashion, she marched to the beat of her own drum & came when she wanted...right on Avy's birthday.
And what a great year it's been with her.
She's truly a doll.
Really, she looks like a doll.
She has the silliest personality.
She loves to wave at everyone and say either "hi" or "bye".
She's a broken record when it comes to "mom!"
Once she starts saying it, she'll march around repeating it about 100 times.
"mom! mom! mom! mom!..."
She's one tough cookie.
 Linc tackles her ALL DAY LONG, and rather than scream, she laughs and laughs.
She LOVES her dad.
This morning when he had to leave for work, she cried and cried. Then she wandered around the house aimlessly yelling, "DA? DA? DA?"
When it's bed time, she tells us.
She cruises around looking for her blankey shouting, "NIGH NIGH!"
And speaking of blankey, she's addicted.
Blankey to Ashby is Kitty to Avy.

She loves to shower or take a bath.
As soon as she hears the water start up, she tugs on her clothes to get nakey as fast as possible.
She's such a busy-body. NEVER sits still.
 She says "uh-oh!" only about a million times a day.
She loves to hand me things and say "duh-duh."
I'm pretty sure she's saying "here you go."
She loves to hang with the big kids and does a pretty good job of keeping up.

She meows at cats, barks at dogs, and sniffs her nose at bunnies.
I always find her in the most random places:
like sitting in our shower
or snacking in the pantry

or just chillin in her camping chair in the garage

or bobbing over, under, & around the chair legs of the dining room table.
Often when I take a picture of her, she will throw her arms up and say,
 "eeeeeee!" ("cheese!")

Pretty much, she's a gem.
Keeps us laughing, smiling, and melts our hearts numerous times a day.
Happy 1st Birthday, Ash-a-boozle!
 We love you!

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whitethunder said...

Oh she's a cute one alright. (I'm her uncle people so don't think I a random looker of kid pictures) I would say my favorite but she has tough competition. Happy Birthday Avy and Ashby. I miss you two girls so much (and your brother too, and your mom, and her leftovers and your dad and his desire to bond over PvZ).

On a side note I'm listening to music right now and the famous Mrs. Butikofer's "Hey Good Lookin'" just came on. Don't ask what station. Hope to see you guys soon! Love and miss you all a whole lot!