Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Linc's Sunday

1- made his own breakfast
Found the leftover pizza from the night before sitting on the counter,
pulled up a chair,
brought over his chocolate milk,
then went to town dipping pizza in chocolate milk.
He ate the whole slice that way.

2- forgot he was wearing his undies in nursery.
After church I picked him up to give him a big hug 
& noticed his pants were wet.
It wasn't just urine.
It was the full monty.
All down his legs.
Those cute green boxer-briefs you saw in the first picture are now in the church dumpster.
I find this funny for 2 reasons:
1- how did nobody in the classroom notice this?
It was foul.
2- how come he didn't seem to care?
Funny? Nay, I find it disturbing.

3- he broke the umbrella by running it through the house after I specifically told him not to run through the house with it.
And then he ran from me and found safety in the exersaucer.
With no pants on, mind you, because they had been defiled in nursery earlier.


Ashley said...

Oh goodness--that last picture is awesome! I will tell you why no one in nursery noticed--because they were all men!

The pizza/chocolate milk combo sounds like something I could get behind.

Heather Teuscher said...

He is darling!! And poor you, finding out in a hug, blech. Hadley probably wouldn't have cared either, I am setting my expectations low for early potty training - super smart kids, they will figure it out:)