Sunday, November 20, 2011

big weekend for all

Last weekend was filled with good times for all little Atwoods.

Oldest to youngest:
First Primary Program at church.
You were a doll.
Wore your new dress that spins
(bc that's the first & foremost requirement for you when it comes to a dress)
 & said your entire line into the microphone.
Such a proud mom moment.
Way to go, Aves!

Turned 2!!!
Happy Birthday, Gus-Gus!

Lucky little devil had cousins in town to celebrate with you.
This is you & the boys having a slumber party on your bedroom floor:

Every present you opened you would say "OOOOOO!" so excitedly.
It was adorable.
Here are some of the ooooo faces:

You had a rip-roarin Train Birthday Party, which will get its own post in due time.

What a fun guy you are, Mr. Linc.
You keep us laughing & always entertained.

For example:

You love your Baby Ashby & always tell me she's "So Cute!" or that she needs "milk."

You are too smart for your own good.
This morning when you woke up, I told you to go find the juice in the fridge.
You found the juice, but seemed to still be rummaging around in the fridge for something.
When I came in for a checksie, I found you trying to scarf down a cupcake before you got caught :)

You love any sport that has to do with a ball.

You love to play cars.

You are incredible at knowing your colors & blew away Dr. K when you responded that the sucker was purple.
You go homeboy!

It isn't uncommon for us to see your bedroom light on in the middle of the night & hear you playing with your toys.
Just last night I heard you playing with the screw-driver & dump truck Gma & Gpa gave you for your birthday.
And tonight I heard you playing with the penguin game your Carter bros gave you.
We just leave you & you eventually go back to sleep.

You still love your monsters & take very good care of them.

The week of your birthday, we finally decided enough was enough with the paci.
 We only had to tell you once that the pacis were going to stay on your bed & couldn't leave your room.
You never threw a single fit over it!
We will often find you running into your room, jumping up on your bed,  taking a few quick sucks of the paci, then throwing it back on your pillow & running off to play again.

You throw a mean tantrum.
And you have "determination" & "persistence" like I've never seen before.

My favorite thing in the morning is to say, "Good Morning, Linc! How did you sleep?"
& you always respond with a high pitched,

You're the best little Gus Guy in the world.
We adore & love you!

Had your blessing day at church.
Your dad did a beautiful job.
Uncle Steve & Uncle Jake stood in the circle too.
As always, you looked and acted like an angel.

Seriously, you are the baby with the most patient, happy, loving disposition that I've ever seen.
Thank you for being so kind to me.
I dread the day you learn that the squeaky wheel gets the grease around here.
But until then, we'll bask in how perfect you are.


Matt and Jessie said...

Wow! You guys did have a big weekend! Avy looks beautiful in her new dress! Glad she rocked her part in the program! Happy birthday Linc! He is so cute! I love the cupcake stealing picture! What a funny boy! Ashby is so cute! I am so glad she is such a good baby for you. That is helpful for your third. You look beautiful little momma!! Hope you have a happy thanksgiving!

Heather Teuscher said...

LOVE Linc's oooh face, and I started working with Hadley on colors today- gotta impress the older man that she will have her eye on when we get back:) Ashby is just a doll and I am so glad she is sweet to you, I still can't figure out which one she looks like, but she definitely is an Atwood! Also Avy looks so grown up in her gorgeous dress!

Ashley said...

Those "oooooh" faces are so cute! What a darling little guy. And I am so amazed at Ashby. I have never seen such a calm and peaceful baby. Please let me have one like that someday.

The Mostess said...

It's late. But I'm coming back after a good night's sleep to comment!

Ashley A. said...

I thought I'd make the blog-stalking official and leave a comment! :) Your kids are so adorable. And after seeing that train you made, I'm even sadder we couldn't make it to the party. Also, Joe and I both talked about how we thought Tyler gave such a sweet blessing to Ashby. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jenni said...

Congrats to all of the Atwoods on their big days. I think our daughters should meet soon.