Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A first time for everything...

Many firsts for the Atwoodians this past week.

Attended her first rock concert.
True heard me right.
(Well, technically I guess her first celeb sightings would go to the several Bob the Builder shows she saw at Gilroy Gardens in the month of July.)

The Wiggles were in town, folks. 
 & once again, my awesome friend Crystal who always hooks me up pulled through when she called me & asked me how many free tickets I wanted.

For those who aren't aware, Avy has a strange, yet endearing, obsession for Captain Feathersword from the Aussie gang & often won't answer me when I call her "Avy".
"Mom, remember my name?  It's Captain Feathersword.  How did you forget that?"

And many times when she has a friend coming over, she makes me introduce her to her friend as Captain Feathersword.  When the doorbell rings, I undoubtedly hear, "Mommy, remember to tell (fill in friend's name) that I'm Captain Feathersword.

She's even so obsessed that she's been planning her Pirate Birthday party for the past 10 months.

Needless to say, we had one very, VERY happy girl Saturday.

& I'm not ashamed to admit that a little, "Hey there Shaky, Shaky" gets me up & groovin every time.

Also, for the first time, she got to eat all the pink jelly beans she could handle.
She always asks for just the pink, but alas, the box is assorted.
However, we took a trip up to the Jelly Belly Factory yesterday & she was in Heaven.
Jelly Bean Heaven.

Sprouted his first tooth...
& a cute little dagger it is.

Has decided that crawling is the way of the future.
He will occasionally still do the army crawl, but he can shake those little crawling buns quicker than lightening when he chooses to.

& he has discovered that standing in his crib is WAY more fun than sleeping.
Fully expecting him to be asleep this morning, I quietly tip-toed into the room to grab something only to find this inquisitive little meerkat:

Also attended his first rock concert.
The Wiggles.

Wait, no.  I dragged him to the American Idol concert with me a couple years ago so I guess that was his first.
Actually, hold on... he did drive the Doobie Brothers around San Francisco years ago for some strange reason that I still can't figure out.
So...I guess The Wiggles wasn't a first star sighting for him either.
So maybe he's not a music man.

But that's okay.
I fully knew that going into the relationship when we were dating and I saw his CD collection:
The Dances with Wolves Soundtrack & Enya.
Oh yeah, & his Jeep Owner's Manual was on CD too, if that counts.

Also, he pet a wild fox for the first time.
Hold on, much to his chagrin, he didn't quite succeed.
(& I guess that was technically a week & a half ago)
But still.

We went camping with some friends & at night a family of foxes very boldly came to visit our site.
Tyler declared, "I will pet one of those guys before the night is over."
Regardless, it was a great time in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains.

Stayed awake for an entire movie, which is something I haven't done in a REALLY long time.
I'm a tough critic.  It takes a lot to captivate me.
I dare say Inception was the best movie I've seen since What About Bob.
I'll go see it again if anyone needs a buddy.

Also, I was a working woman for the first time since having kids.
I used to direct elementary age plays at a private school before Avy was born & haven't done it since.
I was asked to do it for 1 class for summer school in the month of July, & since awesome sister Brookie was planning to be here for a couple months, it worked out perfectly for her to play with my tots in the morning while I taught.
The performance was Friday & my class did awesome!
I was very pleased.
More importantly, my kids LOVED spending time with Auntie B.
Today, when Linc was crying, Avy informed me,
"He just wants Auntie Brookie instead, Mom."
Can't blame him.  She's pretty cute.

Yay for a fun week of firsts!


Matt and Jessie said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great summer! Glad Avy was able to see the Wiggles. I am sure she Loved every minute of it!!

Can't believe that little Linc is big enough to be getting teeth already!! He is such a cutie!!

Maybe I will go see Inception this weekend. Gotta love when you pay for the expensive movie and it actually is a good one!

So cool you were able to do another play! I am sure that it was awesome! You rock!!

LJ, DC and ML said...

Hayley, this was the cutest post ever. Loved it and love you guys too. Hurray for all your first, and a big congratulations. What a fun summer!
Way to pet that Fox Tyler

Ashley said...

Totally laughing about Tat's music collection!

So glad your play went well.

Lincoln's big grin melts even my black heart.

And I am with Avy--the Wiggles are good tunes. And even better dancing. I love that getting all pink jelly bellies made her so happy. (Charlie calls them "beans.") Avy has been telling me about her pirate party for a long time. I thought it came from a love of Tinkerbell but this is so much better! She's hilarious!

Valerie said...

Way fun week! I still haven't seen Inception, but I hardly see anything anymore. Your kiddo's are adorable by the way!

Lindsey said...

You just made me really, really homesick. I miss those cute kids. Christian got a big smile on his face when he saw Avy and her cute dimples. So has she grown a foot? She looks so tall standing next to you.
Oh, and it is even worse that we will miss the pirate party this year. boo!
Fun that you got to work at pinewood, I assume!

Carlie said...

Super Cute, Hay. Love those two kids of yours. They sure are cutie pies! Hope all is going well with you guys! Love you!

The Mostess said...

Avy, er, Captain Feathersword, is so adorable, even if she does love the wiggles. The Wiggles, to me, are more egregious than Barney, and Mini shall never know of them. 4 dudes in turtlenecks with no women to be seen...suspect.

Jelly Belly's, on the other hand, are delish, and Mini shall know about those.

I'm assuming that Tat also doesn't know the fabled Smith Morrissey?

And Buddy--I would love to see that little mug peeking out of the crib in the morning. Adorable!!

The Mostess said...

Oh, and congrats on being a working woman!! I'm glad the play went well, I'm sure the kids and parents absolutely loved you!

Alie said...

YAY for the play, so sad I missed it :(

Alie said...

YAY! So glad for the play! Sad we missed it :(

Adventurous Austin said...

Sadly I came to your blog today for the music, I wanted to break the silence of being alone. However, due to licensing restrictions I couldn't cringe when Crush started to play automatically. Guess I'll have to put in my Ace of Base CD followed by the #1 single of all time....Coolio's I'll see you when you get there.
Best investment I've ever made.