Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This is only a test.

Let's do a little science fair project & see if Tat really reads this blog.
 He claims he does, but a lot of times I refer to certain posts & he has no idea what I'm talking about.

So here goes:

Dear Tat...I mean Santa,
I'm a girl of simple requests. 
The least high maintenance of any females to ever walk the planet. 
I can get by with the bare minimums & rarely ask for anything that is not a necessity.
(remember when you suggested i don't use the dishwasher b/c it cost something like 36 cents every time i ran it? or remember when we didn't really use the furnace until children came along?  or remember when you suggested we put our first child in an apple crate to save money on a crib?
fortunately i put my foot down on that one.)
I usually try to subtly drop hints when there is something that's caught my fancy.
But short of smoke signals & a marching band, I'm not sure what else to do to drop Christmas wishlist clues.
 I've been trying to subliminally tell you for several months now about what I want for Christmas & you look at me with a sweet little dumbfounded look every time I bring it up.
You know...
that look like you're trying to pretend to know what I'm talking about,
but then you walk away & I see you scratching your head look?
Yeah, that one.

& do you remember the time I flat out told you EXACTLY what I wanted & where to buy it & how much it was going to set you back...
& then you looked up from the TV & said,
"What? Can you repeat that?"

Well, here's your last chance for clue-dropping & if you're ordering it on-line & would like it to be here by the Merry holiday, then hop to.

I want the letter "A" in the
Square Stamped Initial Charm

& the letter "L" in the
Round Stamped Initial Charm.

You can order these puppies from HIP&HUMBLE.
(i know, can you get more wasatch county than a name like that?)

Don't worry about a chain b/c I want to find a sassy long one myself.

Peace, Love, & Joy for the Holidays,


Ashley said...

You crack me up. I love Tat stories.

Valerie said...

that is a good idea...leaving your wish list on the blog and then seeing if the hubbies read it, I just might try it. So ok, where are some pictures of your little Link, I bet he is adorable!

Matt and Jessie said...

How funny! Matt says he reads our blog too, but I am pretty sure he hasn't seen it since he came home from Hawaii. Maybe if I put a link to it on his Fantasy Football homepage, he might remember it is there!

The Mostess said...

Maybe Tat would have surprised you....

Also, you should have found a picture of the stamp with the actual letters you wanted. You are SO getting a necklace with "M" and "P" charms.

I hate the H & H name. It's like a bad joke from Seriously So Blessed.

Jenni said...

I make Christmas very easy for Jared. I email him links to the items that I want. Or I put things on hold at the store and then I inform him that there is something on hold for me at such and such a store and if he wants to get it, he can mosey on down there to pick it up. He loves it!

Lindsay said...

So, how long is he sleeping on the couch if you don't get your gifts? You set him up for the double whammy with the blog reading AND the Christmas gift. Poor guy!

Tammy said...

So did you get them?!?